Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There is NERVE and then there is RAW CHUTZPAH

Jewish lawyer asks to join Morocco’s Islamist party

Isaac Charia, a political hopeful, pens letter to ruling Justice and Development Party asking if Jews welcomed

A Moroccan Jewish lawyer has asked to join ruling Islamist party.
Isaac Charia of Rabat sent an open letter to the Islamist Justice and Development Party requesting to join the party, Morocco World News reported.
In the letter, Charia asks whether the party will welcome Moroccan Jews or if it is only for Muslims. He also writes that “the honest citizen who wants to participate in the political life of the country has no other alternative” than the party. He said he wants to fight corruption and encourage reforms through the party.
Charia has called for political parties in Morocco to stop mixing politics and religion.



Charles Martel said...

Is there any side note as to what his IQ is? I don't want to state the obvious.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty darned clever. They do not want to let him in because of Islamic doctrine. On the other hand, if/when, they decline his membership, he will be able to rail against the party for its blatant discrimination. I hope he lives to make his point.