Monday, April 28, 2014

The STUPENDOUS Obama Admin manages to tell Israel they are going to be an Apartheid state on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Telegraph UK

John Kerry warns Israel could become ‘apartheid state’

US secretary of state risks Israeli anger with warning that absence of peace deal with Palestinians could lead towards apartheid-style situation

So WHAT if the PLO and HAMAS become one to negotiate with over the weekend?
So WHAT if HAMAS said they would never recognize Israel?
John Kerry says, in the official name of Barack Obama, if you do not make peace with those whose purpose is to kill you all BECAUSE YOU EXIST, you are an apartheid state?
Frankly, if I were the head of such a state, in those conditions, I would recall my ambassador and call off the sale of the anti missile defense software to the USA, and then send the head of the IAF, Elbit and Rafale, and the Foreign Minister to Moscow and Peking in that order.
Obama is playing a very dangerous game with US security as if he cannot lose.
HE CAN. Israel is an ally.
They can get aircraft from Russia or China. They already build their own destroyers and buy subs from Germany. They manufacture and SELL their own combat and recon drones.
This can all go south for the USA.


Charles Martel said...

At this point there cannot be any doubt that none of the Administration´s actions are based on genuine naivité. "We" smelled and anticipated what BHO would bring. He has finally taken the white gloves off and is showing his true colors. My question is: What about the rest of the Administration? How can Kerry, Hillary, McCain still believe that the State of Israel is the obstacle to peace in the ME? Is this a well orchestrated action to push us towards the NWO no matter what?

I don't know how religious you guys are. But the world scene is turning more and more towards what the Bible describes as the end of times. Israel will be isolated and without allies. Francis I is supposed to be the last pope, who will guide the church through the last days.

Am I crazy? Am I seeing things that are not there? But Obama and his administration are a scary and dark presence in our world.

captain mission said...

No you are not crazy, Israel has been betrayed to appease islam, just as it was during the 70's when Europe paid the plo millions to stop them hijacking European jets, and keep the oil flowing.