Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maureen Dowd quotes Earl Weaver, hits home run

In the immortal words of Earl Weaver, the Hall of Famer who managed the Baltimore Orioles: “The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three-run homers.” A singles hitter doesn’t scare anybody.
If you are GOING to be a singles hitter, you need to be sure your line up is 8 guys like:
Pete Rose
Rod Carew
Jacoby Ellsbury
Ty Cobb
It doesn’t feel like leadership. It doesn’t feel like you’re in command of your world.
How can we accept these reduced expectations and truculent passivity from the man who offered himself up as the moral beacon of the world, even before he was elected?
As Leon Wieseltier wrote in the latest New Republic, oppressed and threatened swaths of the world are jittery and despairing “because the United States seems no longer reliable in emergencies, which it prefers to meet with meals ready to eat.”
The Times’s Mark Landler, who traveled with the president on his Asia trip,reported that Obama will try to regain the offensive, including a graduation address at West Point putting his foreign policy in context.
Mr. President, don’t you know that we’re speeched out? It’s not what we need right now.
John Kerry is Mario Mendoza, EVERY SINGLE TIME AT BAT
Kathleen Sebelius?
we expect the president, especially one who ran as Babe Ruth, to hit home runs.
Sorry to tell you Maureen, but in the immortal words of Mr, Waturi, when we look at Mr, Obama …”I know you an get the job, but can you DO the job?”

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