Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dan Slott wants to lecture me

The terrible comics writer (and I don't see much future for him beyond that) sent me this tweet where he tries to explain why it's "OK" for there to be a Muslim Ms. Marvel:

Whoever approved of this costume for their kid based on the new take on the role did their child a disservice. I guess what Slott is saying is that, if the child allegedly wanted to wear the outfit of an avowed communist character, it'd be okay too? Yep, I guess that's what he's saying.

A Pakistani hero is one thing. A Muslim "hero" is another. And Slott's trying to justify poor parenting or something in his continued effort to act as apologist for the company's directions. However, I don't see this outfit gaining much traction on the market. I do think Slott is a sad case if he's going to keep up these apologetics and trivialize the serious issues involving the Koran's content.

Sorry, Mr. Slott, but you'll have to do much better than that. Like, say, explain how Islam isn't a bad influence for anybody. Next time you call, I suggest you be ready to say Armenians deserve representation in comics too.


Anonymous said...

So I went from thinking that maybe you had a valid argument against radical Islam, but your last paragraph just proves you're a racist.

Avi Green said...

This proves Slott is the man who wrote this, and he obviously doesn't care about what happened to many Armenians during Medz Yeghern in 1915. Who's the real racist then? And who else could write such a vulgar little dismissal? Ladies and gentlemen, that's Slott for you, a man who trolls on other people's websites but doesn't have the courage to quote any verses from the Koran.

Slott said...

Avi, THIS is me. I really hope you can see the different IP#s to know that this, like a lot of your other "proof" is very off the mark.

I like that your blog here has this phrase at the top:
"All of us, every single man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth were born with the same unalienable rights; to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Guess that doesn't apply to all people in your mind.

Good night. God bless.

Avi Green said...

Ladies and gentlemen, look at the superficial defense written by a left-winger who's never said Arabs of non-Muslim backgrounds deserve representation in comics either. Once again, he goes an Orwellian route and can't tell us a single Sura from within the Koran. If you tried to suggest creating a heroine inspired by Brigitte Gabriel, he probably wouldn't be interested; he sure hasn't done much to prove he cares about Armenians. And for somebody of allegedly Jewish background, why hasn't he ever argued that Sephardic Jews with ancestry from North Africa and Yemen serve as inspirations for comic book stories either? Hey, give him a chance and he'll say Haredi Judaism of the kind practiced by Satmar is the only legitimate form of Orthodox Judaism around. No kidding. Sometimes I feel sorry for him and his inability to just admit he's a human being and makes mistakes.

Nicoenarg said...

I am an ex Muslim. Anon enlighten me...

1) how is saying that Armenians deserve a hero racist?

2) who the fuck decided Islam and Muslims were a race?

3) if calling people racist is all you can do then please go fuck yourself.

Nicoenarg said...

The image says shit about whether it's okay to have a Muslim hero or not. KKK members dress their kids in their stupid costumes all the time. And the kids pose with pride...can it then be deduced that you think kkk deserves a hero too? What kinda stupid shit is that?

Oh and I'm not making the comparison between kkk and Islam lightly. Not that you would know what the fuck I was talking about anyway.

Nicoenarg said...

Why, according to Slott, it is okay to have a KKK hero. 'Cause he (like everyone else) deserves to have a hero: <a href=">Slott Wants This Kid to Have a KKK Hero</a>

Nicoenarg said...

Apparently posting links on blogger using cellphones is a no no. Just copy paste the image URL.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that Dan needs to explicitly state all of the people that he thinks deserves a hero. I'm no geneticist but I can tell you that there are a hell of a lot of different kinds of people on this planet and listing them all would take a while.
He said, and I agree with him, that everyone deserves to have a hero, Pakistanis, Armenians, Muslims, Jews, everyone.
Also, why should he need to be able to quote the better parts of the Quran to you to prove that you shouldn't be a dick to people with different beliefs to you. We're not a totalitarian dystopia yet, they can say and believe whatever the hell they want to, just like how I respect your right to keep writing this atrociously bigoted thing.

Avi Green said...

Sorry, RamblingViking, but where are the Armenians in mainstream comics? Come to think of it, where are the Cameroonians, Peruvians, Danish, Bulgarians and Burmese? And surely most importantly, where are the Arabs of non-Muslim backgrounds? If they're neither present nor prominent, then I don't see what good it does to claim Slott literally said what you claim. And how come neither he nor you make distinctions between race and religion/ideology? If I were Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster or even Will Eisner, I'd be very disappointed in people like you. BTW, did you ever read Eisner's last graphic novel, The Plot? Because he was critical of Islam too, more or less. If you don't have a problem with Eisner being critical, why do you have a problem with folks like us doing the same? Or maybe you do and don't have the courage to say so?

You're not helping Slott by acting as an apologist for him. But hey, thanks for visiting and we hope you'll read Robert Spencer's books about Islam if you're looking for great non-fiction books. Even Melanie Phillips's books are recommended. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Are you against kids dressing up as Daredevil for the same reasons?

Epaminondas said...

There are no super heroes.

There probably are no heroes as we imagine them to be.

WSC had racial issues.
FDR was a mass cheater on an incredible woman
Lincoln was UNBELIEVABLY ambitious and calculating
Grant was antisemitic
Sherman hated Indians
Sports ...
David Wells was a drunken boor, and irresponsible
The greatest basketball player in history is a compulsive gambler
Arguably, the greatest quarterback in history has illegitimate children
Mantle was a drunk, and so was Ruth

Each one of us has a Razor's Edge to walk for those who can see us as role models. Superhero examples are RIDICULOUS

I am pissed this AM. Sorry.