Friday, April 18, 2014

Washington Post Lies About Islam

Today, I stumbled across this, originally published on February 3, 2014:
COMMENTARY: Blasphemy charges pervert Islam’s teachings

...Regarding free speech, the Quran recognizes and protects free speech and expression in more than 40 instances....


Muhammad established the Charter of Medina, a secular constitution between Muslims and Jews. The charter ensured equality, universal religious freedom, and free speech for all Medina’s residents.

Islam limits free speech on the same premise that the U.S. Supreme Court has also banned the utterance of inflammatory speech. Punishment is warranted if an individual threatens the state due his advocacy of terrorism or incitement to pre-emptive war. It is upon this premise that citizens were punished in Muhammad’s time — be they Muslim or Jewish. At least 15 European nations have laws punishing certain types of blasphemy — something Islam’s original sources do not have....
The same kind of CRAP that is published in almost every history book used in the United States and throughout the West.

I note that the article, written by an Ahmadiyya Muslim, garnered few comments.

Not all commenters were fooled by the article. One commenter stated:
...The Washington Post in publishing this half-informed article here, is wittingly or unwittingly, propagandizing for Muslims in true "NewSpeak".


Anonymous said...

<a href=">27-year-old Grandview man has been charged in the recent series of highways shootings, Jackson County prosecutors said Friday.</a>

Mohammed Whitaker was charged with 18 felony counts related to 9 incidents. Charges included shooting into a motor vehicle and hitting a victim. More charges may be added, prosecutors said.

A series of at least 12 shootings started in early March. The latest shooting linked to the pattern occurred April 6. Three victims were wounded in the spree.

Read more here:

Nicoenarg said...

Pasto asked me to write about this Charter of Medina and other freakin lies that keep coming up in lib writings.

I haven't had the time to do that yet but after I'm done with my exams, I'm gonna write a post on it.

Guy says there are 40 instances of protection of free speech in the quran, then he goes on to list exactly 0.

The guy says the Quran "obliges Muslims to protect, “churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques” from destruction, but then he gives no reference.

Anyway, I'll try to get to writing about this stuff as soon as I have time.

I have not been writing on Islam for a while now because honestly, not many people give a shit. Most people read/hear the truth about Islam and their first reaction is to dig a hole and stuff their head in it.

Always On Watch said...

I'd appreciate what you have to write about the topic.

I fully understand what you said about trying to inform others about the dangers of Islam: not many people give a shit.

Charles Martel said...

Nico, the situation here in the US is beyond frustrating. Is the situation any different in Baires? I know we have the largest mosque in LA, but don´t know how large the religious community is. People tend to be more secular than religious in Argentina, but is there any conscience about jihad, civilization jihad, etc.?

I´ve heard that the "tres fronteras" region is lost to the cartels, contraband and terrorists. But how about the rest of the country? Any comments?

Nicoenarg said...

Charles Martel,

You're right, people aren't religious here per se. But political correctness has less of a hold here (in the capital at least) than the US or Western Europe and Australia.

What that does though is that not only do people not wanna hear about Islam and the facts about it (and are hence unaware of it) they also don't really pander to Muslims. Here the attitude is more "if you're in Argentina, assimilate". Which is something I really appreciate about this country.

Tres Fronteras region is a lost cause. Hezbollah and the Brotherhood have had their choke hold on the region for a while. Huge areas where Muslims are concentrated. And the drug cartels basically run the place.

Up until recently it didn't affect the rest of the country but recently there've been murders in Palermo (a neighborhood in the capital city) related to drug cartels traced back to the region.

It is a mess and the current government is Obama admin on crack so they don't know what they're doing.

So what about the rest of the country? They honestly don't care. People are laid back here with the live and let live attitude. The government on the other hand is colluding with Iranians and is increasingly anti-Israeli. However, I don't get the same vibe from the people around me...but then, I do live in a neighborhood where a lot of Jews live.

Nicoenarg said...

Oh the largest mosque thing. Man that Menem was a snake. The mosque is huge but it didn't have enough Muslims to fill it for a while. For the last 4 - 5 years though Muslim "refugees" from Senegal and Somalia have flooded the city. The mosque now looks fuller than it ever did before.

Before Muslims used to stick they're spreading all over the city. Last year I even saw posters for Ramadan, something I hadn't seen before.