Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Who Will Replace America?

Is America in decline? More definitively, is the Anglo-Saxon-Judeo-Christian Culture in decline? A culture that has been primarily responsible for the rise in the standard of living, personal freedom, and technological advancement in much of the world.
And if so, who will replace it?
China has been mentioned. So has Russia. Even Europe.
There are three competing ‘cultures’ presently in existence that could replace America – the premier standard bearer of the Anglo-Saxon-Judeo-Christian culture.
The three are the Marxist-Communist culture, the socialist cradle to grave culture, and the Islamic culture - three cultural experiments.
None of the three have the FOUNDATION in their culture that the Anglo-Saxon-Judeo-Christian culture has. I don't have to explain what that means here. It's self-evident.
The Marxist foundation goes from the Czarist experiment to dictators. The Chinese one from Emperors to dictators and the Islamic – well, ‘nuff said about that one.
The Euro culture, in need of fresh fodder for their cradle to grave experiment, seems to be on its way to being absorbed by the Islamic one.
America could go the way of the Euro socialist experiment but history shows that the socialist experiment is doomed to fail. Sooner or later you run out of other people's money.
The fear is that if America is no longer the big man on the bloc, those competing failing experiments will devolve into tyranny and like the rabid dogs of Germany and Russia in World War Two, become locked into a horrific struggle of death to see who will rule humanity. 
Not a pretty picture.
I see no other alternative if America falls into decline and its unique experiment has run its course.
End of rant.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing will replace America. A bright and shining moment of human history will simply be extinguished.