Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Drudge: Dow has just closed at record high?

Then things are really great!!!!
New York City’s share of poor people appears to have plateaued since the recession, at 21.4 percent, with more people working in 2012 than the year before, but at lower wages, according to a new city study. Contributing to the city’s economic problems were increases in the number of Asian-Americans, immigrants and residents of Queens slipping into poverty.
But under a broader definition of poverty that the city applies, the picture remains grim for a far larger number of New Yorkers.
As in 2011, 46 percent, or nearly half of New Yorkers, were making less than 150 percent of the poverty threshold, a figure that describes people who are struggling to get by.

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San Jose Leaders Look To Build ‘Pods,’ ‘Microhouses’ To Shelter The Homeless

 A new idea is taking shape in San Jose to help the down and out get out of tents and doorways and into more sturdy shelters. The idea involves building new neighborhoods for the homeless with shed-sized buildings.
The high-end sheds at The Shed Shop in Fremont were never designed to house the homeless
“The most common use is a home office,” said Paul Johnston of The Shed Shop
But with sturdy doors and windows, two-by-four construction, insulation and built-in electrical wiring they could be very livable.
“These are made just like a little house would be made,” Johnston said.
And that’s the idea behind a new idea at San Jose City Hall to help the homeless.
The Stock Market increases are now almost TOTALLY disconnected from the real economy.


Pastorius said...

Just for history's sake, I think it is important to note that you posted this on THE SAME DAY NEWS CAME OUT THAT OUR ECONOMIC GROTH HAS SLOWED DOWN TO 1/10TH OF ONE PERCENT FOR THE LAST QUARTER.

Always On Watch said...

Spot gold and spot silver are down again.