Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to get a big reaction on twitter

Yesterday about this time, I acquired a new 'follower'. Now politeness in twitter world extends to the point that you should at least consider strongly following them back.
However, as we all know, there are some people who may appear to be of a similar view on some issues who, upon further review ( american sports parlance) turn out to be some kind of (racist, homophobic, religious, fascist, communist or any other other type of) freaks. So I look not only to what these people have said, but what the people THEY follow have said, for a few minutes anyway.
So this person followed another who quoted the great moron, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. This gavone in speaking of what super religious jews are allowed to do on Shabbat (nothing a board of rabbis have declared to be 'work-like' .. including, as my own grandparents did ..turning on the gas burners on a gas stove) said that the goyim (everyone not jewish) were on earth to serve the jews (my grandparents had a neighbor in the apt next door in the Bronx, who would turn the lights off on friday night since they were not allowed to..or they left them on). This guy's pronouncements equate to the Westboro Baptist Church as a pronouncement of Christianity. 
When I saw this quote that is how I responded.

Little did I know I was actually trolling bait in a pool of KKK, super WASP, Salafi, Qom freakish, BNP, truther lampreys which went BERSERK went I pointed out (they don't seem to care for Israel  ;) ) that Israel's right to exist come from 2500 years of attempted genocide and expulsions, citing a few from 1200-1900 Europe.

The purveyor of that quote finally pulled out the jews use blood in matzah 'saturday night live level' joke and of course I thanked him for finally self identifying as a racist freak. Having a good time. But the amazing thing on twitter is noticing what it is that stimulates reactions and followers. Usually, rather than a thoughtful (if a such thing is possible in 140 characters), the quick, biting, and funny snark scores, or my fave, the jpg with the speech or thought balloon.

Maybe this brings some retweets or favoriting, or a follower or 2. No biggy. All good clean fun. 
Yesterday brought over 500 results in about 90 minutes, before I blocked every SINGLE person in the thread because I would never be able to see actual comments from actual persons in the notifications tab.

BTW, did you know it was both Israel AND the CIA that created and supported Al Qaeda?
They had proof,.... why hasn't Al Qaeda attacked Israel?

When I pointed out neither had they attacked Mexico, or Laos, or Angola, or FInland, and asked what it was that was different about Israel from those nations, and that apparently all these brainiacs had no knowledge of the score(?) of just European expulsions of the jews... they went CUCKOO

So if you want to get mentioned on twitter, or perhaps in life, and maybe later .. defend the jews. Or don't ... just say 'Israel has a right to exist'.

BTW, I didn't follow this person back.

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