Monday, August 25, 2014

Image of bacon offends Muslim. Photo removed. Apology issued. Mayor praises photo's removal. In other news: Image of beheading offends me. Still waiting for apology.

 A Muslim pedestrian (not to be confused with a pedestrian Muslim, for there is no such thing, of course!) found a diner's promotional photo offensive because it featured bacon. Said the offended Muslim pedestrian, the photo was "insensitive to those who don't eat pork."

I understand this Muslim pedestrian's dilemma. A few days ago I watched a pre-season football game and was immediately offended because I do not play professional football. I tried to organize a boycott of pro football, but was hampered in this important work by having common sense and far more worthwhile things to do, such as scratching my left buttock and trying to figure out what that smell is under the sink.

The bacon photo was removed by the insensitive owners of the insensitive diner. An the mayor, apparently having tired of scratching her left buttock and having no common sense, said it was "cool" that their diverse community offered so many "opportunities for conversation." Yes. As long as that conversation begins with "Hey, a Muslim's offended" and ends with "And don't forget to apologize."

From National Review

Vermont Diner’s Bacon Sign Taken Down for Offending Muslims

A sign advertising the bacon at a Vermont diner has been taken down after a Muslim resident complained about the sign on the Internet and sparked to a massive backlash campaign towards Sneakers Bistro.
In June, in return for taking part in a local volunteer initiative to plant flower beds in the city’s traffic medians, the diner was awarded a sign on a lamp post that said “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” A woman took issue with the sign, calling it insensitive to those who don’t eat pork, according to WPTZ.

The woman’s objection, which she posted online, prompted several Facebook and Yelp comments calling on Sneakers Bistro to take down the sign. The diner’s owners contacted the woman to apologize and tell her the sign has been removed.

“We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics,” the owners wrote in a separate Facebook post over the weekend. “We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community.”

The mayor of the town, Winooski, Vt., commended the diner for taking down the sign. “The cool part of living in a diverse community is that it’s not always comfortable,” Mayor Katherine “Deac” Decarreau told the television network. “It’s a fascinating place with lots of opportunities for conversation. The city has to pay attention to a lot of factors while acting within what we can regulate.”

Winooski is “a fabulous artist mecca,” Mayor Deac has told the Center for Media and Democracy. “Winooski has always welcomed immigrants,” she said, “including my ancestors who spoke only French in 1835 when they arrived here.”

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Anonymous said...

they are on the march and the attack. no other "immigrant" group to the U.S. came here then went about forcing us to abandon our culture, icons and way of life.

only muslims. she wasnt "offended" she is attacking infidel culture and forcing it to take a backseat, 2nd class staus to islam and colonizers like herself. becuase thats what she is, a colonizer. she is the advance force and she will help make the small gains so later the newer muslim arivals can be even more militant, aggressive in attacking us and our judeochristian way of life. and as for the peice of excrement from the sandbox, he is only so bold becuase he's behind a keyboard.