Monday, August 25, 2014

2 more interesting Frank Miller comments

In this interview on New York Magazine's Vulture section, Miller has at least two more comments to make worth noting:
You once said to Will Eisner that "In the world of comics, 'troublemaker' means someone with some sense of dignity." Do you know many contemporary comics creators that are galvanizing enough to be dignified?
I'm not going to take anyone down in public, but there are still creators like Neal Adams out there setting a good example.
An interesting observation. If anything, we could say that so-called auteurs like Dan Slott, Ron Marz, Gail Simone, Mark Waid, Scott Lobdell, Tom Brevoort, Grant Morrison, Erik Larsen and Mark Millar, among others of their ilk, are not people with dignity, given how some of them are prone to making statements and/or writing stories with a lot of leftism stuffed in. Adams, by contrast, may be a liberal, but isn't the kind who forces his politics so cynically upon others and doesn't spite the audience like some of the aforementioned do.
After 9/11, you said that your political stance was most like a "liberal hawk." That perspective comes up in your Holy Terror graphic novel, which serves as a good companion to your sequel to The Dark Knight Rises in some ways. Complacence seems to be the real enemy in both of those stories. Is that why you've been outspokenly critical of Occupy Wall Street? Do you feel it's a kind of slacktivist movement?
I've mainly objected to the Occupy protests because I don't see them as having clear-cut goals. I don't see its purpose, or who they're rebelling against, or what they want. As for my hawkish-ness, I wrote Holy Terror as a New Yorker that lost a couple thousand neighbors in a day. We were attacked, and a response needed to be made. I don't agree with the direction or the motives of the ensuing political indecision that followed. So I made a story about heroes that were ready to respond. I don't want to comment on it further than that.
And with all the horror stories coming out of the Occupy movement's encampments in the past 3 years before they collapsed, that just makes it all the more apparent they didn't know what they were looking for, other than the opportunity to aggravate innocent people. So again, I congratulate Miller for handing them the condemnation they deserved. His description as a "liberal hawk" sounds interesting, and could be another way of saying he's a liberal who's being a realist.

So once more, I give Miller some credit, if anything, for having guts to say what he thinks about the current climate.

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