Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Week On The Gathering Storm: Open Mic

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Anonymous said...

Rick Santorum wants to 'encourage more teaching about Islam'
In a new interview with Vocativ, Rick Santorum expressed some very positive views about the Quran and Islam.

The interview focuses on Santorum's latest project, a documentary about "religious freedom" called One Generation Away. The film comes from Echolight Studios, of which Santorum is the CEO. One Generation Away will be released next month — exclusively in churches.

One Generation Away focuses on recent court cases, including the Hobby Lobby contraception ruling and a case in which Oregon bakers refused to serve same-sex customers for a wedding. The film "argues that the right to practice religion is currently under threat in the United States," according to Vocativ.

It's not just Christianity that Santorum wants to save: When asked about the Quran, Santorum said that he "would absolutely encourage more teaching about Islam" in schools. "Maybe 50 years ago, when Islam had third-world status and not international status — maybe that was different," Santorum told Vocativ. "But given what's going on, it's important to teach it."

Anonymous said...

via TheWeek: Why the West should accept ISIS as a sovereign nation

It might just be the best way to defeat them. After all, you can't fight a war against an imaginary caliphate.