Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will Slott and Brevoort still defend Milo Manara after this?

Coming just a few days after the alleged controversy of how Italian artist Milo Manara drew Spider-Woman's butt, he gave an interview to Fumetto Logica about the subject, and along the way, he said something that'll no doubt leave Dan Slott and Tom Brevoort feeling stunned. The translation by CBR isn't perfect, but I think it can be figured out:
"On the erotic side, on the other hand, I found the thing a little surprising," he continued. "Apart from the fact that there is a compulsory prerequisite to do: it seems to me that both in the United States and in the rest of the world there are things much more important and serious you have to deal with. The facts of Ferguson, or the drama of Ebola. That there are people that if the take for things like… unless there is, in these times, a hypersensitivity to images more or less erotic, due to this continuous comparison that we are called to do with Islam. We know that the censure of the woman's body should not be a characteristic our, western. It is also this that I am surprised enough."
It's difficult to understand, but I think he's suggesting the dissenters are taking a risk of calling for censorship like Muslims do of lovely female imagery. And as much as Slott and Brevoort, Marvel's most vehement apologists for Islam, must want to defend the cover art, knowing their politics, I wouldn't be surprised if they're now red in the face with embarrassment after what Manara told the Italian site. Just 4 days ago, Slott said:

But now, he must be real sorry he did, LOL. Make what you will of that cover; my only real beef with it is that Manara drew Jessica Drew's buttocks to look stretched apart, which makes the picture annoying to look at and diminishes the appeal. But, his comments about Islam are bound to make Marvel's upper echelons blush if they're apologists, and make Brevoort feel pretty sore too. Which is just what they deserve for all the contempt they've heaped upon the public.

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