Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wow, Andy Khouri still hates me for exposing his dark side

A moonbat manager for leftist Comics Alliance tweeted the following in response to another tweet about a post I'd written about Astro City's liberal view on homosexuality:

Ah, I remember this fine fellow, who'd make a great Satmar member (seriously!). He did a hit piece against me and Warner Huston for daring to voice our displeasure at the Muslim member of a Batman title 4 years ago. And then, when I exposed him for his own anti-Israelism, he resorted to a nasty trolling post, not even showing the courage to sign his own name.

When he says "sleeper agent", he makes it sound like I said that ad verbatim. LOL. Vindictive feelings make some people do strange things alright. No, I call him a very dishonest person who already made up his mind based on his personal politics, and is driven by obsessions/compulsions. I also call him somebody who's too stingy to say he's sorry for being so incredibly nasty to people he won't even converse with. Besides, he never took serious interest in the Muslim character until me and Huston said anything about it, so it's not a matter of opinion so much as it is predisposition.

But no matter. His tweet makes me feel honored, and amused at how vindictive he still is. I guess that's why we have a message to little Mr. Khouri: please keep buying those great Will Eisner books! And we sure hope you'll one day get to own this magnificent tale in Action Comics #30, penned by none other than Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the famous duo you love so much! You are a source of grand amusement, Mr. Khouri, the gift that keeps on giving, in that you willfully blind yourself to reason, and have no interest in the messages relayed by past comics publications. And we hope you'll join up with the Satmar community, because hey, they're just what you're looking for, and you'll get all the socialist welfare lefties like you covet! C'mon, you'd make a great Haredi! Hee-hee! You can wear a black hat and grow a nice long beard, and then you'll look even more amusing, much like Joel Teitelbaum! Have a nice day!

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