Saturday, August 30, 2014

COUNTDOWN: 66 Days to the Great American Intelligence Test

There’s a story my father would tell me when I was growing up.

A man comes into the doctor’s office complaining about a severe pain in his shoulder and wants to know if the doctor can do anything about it.

The doc says, “Sure”, pulls out a hammer and bashes the patient in the head.

The man screams in excruciating pain and the doc says, “Still have that pain in your shoulder?”

That’s the state of our body politic today.

Forty percent of the country is obsessed with the shoulder pain of global warming, war on women, racism, minimum wage, gay marriage, the evil one percent that have OUR money, Islamo-phobia, etc, etc, etc. – I don’t need to go on. Those “issues” and “concerns” of the forty percent have been documented in many a post here at IBA.

The November election will be the intelligence test of how much pain in the head the current Democratic administration’s scandals, incompetence, arrogance, outright lies, traitorous behavior, and down right stupidity have effected the shoulder pain of the Left and if that forty percent will react to the hammer in the head – or even notice the pain – threats to our border and the Islamo-fascists, the miserable economy (GDP under 2% for years),  - hell, I can go on and on – and they WAKE UP!

The test of success is the Republican control of both houses – even, my heart be still – a veto proof Congress.

If America fails the test, there will be no hope. It signals that this country will continue down the dumbed down, gimmie gimmie path of ruin and point to a Democratic win in the Presidential election in 2 years.

The Left’s control of America – and their agenda -  will then be complete.


Anonymous said...

That is a simple, succinct explication of our problem as
anyone will get.

Pastorius said...

True dat.