Sunday, September 27, 2015

“Considering that migrants cannot afford to rent new properties… moves must be initiated in which higher income households purchase or build more expensive accommodations for themselves in order to free up the less expensive housing for migrants.”

The Berlin Institute for Urban Development, the Housing Industry and Loan Associations
It’s not racism, xenophobia, or nationalistic Fascism, it’s the PHYSICS of unplanned MIGRATIONS (Teutones, Ambrones, and the Cimbri) …IRONIC, but never the less, might it have been CHEAPER and less painful in ended and destroyed lives if we had just ACTED when Assad crossed the so called ‘RED LINE’ and wiped out but the Alawite freaks of Assad’s inarguable fascism, and the salafi freaks of from the Sunni side of the fence?
I think I was wrong that we had no national interest there.
On this one, Mr. Graham and Mr, McCain appear to have been right that we needed to act, but let’s face it, there ARE NO MODERATES who will act to fill n the vacuum. The best realistic outcome appears to be a Sisi.

Telegraph UK:

German woman threatened with eviction to make way for refugees
A 51-year-old German woman is being evicted from her home of 16 years to make way for refugees, with shelters already full across the country
A woman in Germany is being evicted from her home of 16 years to make way for asylum-seekers, amid growing concerns over how Germany will find accommodation for the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into the country.
Bettina Halbey, a 51-year-old nurse, has lived alone in her flat in the small western German town of Nieheim since her children grew up.
On September 1, she received a letter from her landlord, the local municipality, telling her the building was being turned into a refugee shelter and she had until next May to leave.
“I was completely taken aback,” Ms Halbey told Welt newspaper. “I find it impossible to describe how the city has treated me.”

Gatestone Institute:
  • Hamburg city officials say that owners of vacant real estate have refused to make their property available to the city on a voluntary basis, and thus the city should be given the right to take it by force.
  • “The proposed confiscation of private land and buildings is a massive attack on the property rights of the citizens of Hamburg. It amounts to an expropriation by the state [and a] "law of intimidation.” — André Trepoll, Christian Democratic Union.
  • “If a property is confiscated… a lawsuit to determine the legality of the confiscation can only be resolved after the fact. But the accommodation would succeed in any event.” — Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer.
  • Officials in North Rhine-Westphalia seized a private resort in the town of Olpe to provide housing for up to 400 migrants
With existing shelters filled to capacity, federal, state and local authorities are now using legally and morally dubious measures — including the expropriation of private property and the eviction of German citizens from their homes — to make room for the newcomers.German taxpayers are also being obliged to make colossal economic sacrifices to accommodate the influx of migrants, many of whom have no prospect of ever finding a job in the country. Sustaining the 800,000 migrants and refugees who are expected to arrive in Germany in 2015 will cost taxpayers at least at least 11 billion euros ($12 billion) a year for years to come.As the migration crisis intensifies, and Germans are waking up to the sheer scale of the economic, financial and social costs they will expected to bear in the years ahead, anger is brewing.In Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, municipal officials on September 23 introduced an audacious bill in the local parliament (Hamburgische Bürgerschaft) that would allow the city to seize vacant commercial real estate (office buildings and land) and use it to house migrants.City officials argue the measure is necessary because more than 400 new migrants are arriving in Hamburg each day and all the existing refugee shelters are full. They say that owners of vacant real estate have refused to make their property available to the city on a voluntary basis, and thus the city should be given the right to take it by force.


The Last English Prince said...

In September of 2014 I wrote _Islamic State: Predictive Analysis_ (Economic Affairs, Pakistan).

Here is the fourth paragraph:

There is a deliberate Doctrine of Chaos (DoC) propagated by the Islamic State. The strategists of the Islamic State adeptly deploy chaos to transform human energy into pile drivers against against national borders. National leadership grids are primarily targeted by engineered humanitarian crises to overwhelm national resources. Once this degradation is accomplished a secondary goal of physically targeting national leadership will proceed virtually unimpeded. Prediction? More than a few of the leaders of today will be reduced to historical footnotes.

What will Europe: Predictive Analysis look like? I dunno. But I need to write it. A five year window seems appropriate for the analysis.

In the meantime, a German nurse is being trampled underfoot by oppressive government measures against the citizens.

The Last English Prince

The Last English Prince said...

Logical question:

How many Americans could afford to leave their present housing - possibly budgeted for affordability - and move into a house which creates greater financial liability?

On a more granular scale, German officials are asking Germans to vacate their HOMES. A home is different than a house. I always state that the walls of my home contain the laughter of my children and within these walls is a memory bank. Were I forced to move tomorrow, the emotional fallout of forced eviction from my home would be immense.

Tammy Swofford

Always On Watch said...

Can't you just see me packing up Mr. AOW, our three cats, and all my family treasures from several generations and finding another place to live?

The mind reels at what is happening in Germany.

Could the same happen here? YES! But not as easily as long as WE THE PEOPLE are an armed populace. Lock and load!

Z said...

My German stepchildren have told me this is coming for a long time...immigration is certainly not new to Germany.
But this has brought it to a new height.
They're fearful that more and more Germans will be driven out of housing to accomodate the immigrants...and it's starting.

They also tell me that the refugees can steal what they want from small shops and the owners are told to keep record of what's stolen and the gov't will pay them back; after all, if you say "You can't afford that, please put it down," you might be considered a bigot, right?

UNBELIEVABLE....let's see how long the German people stop feeling cowed by their past "can't say THAT because they'll think we're NAZIS again"" and ACT.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is very difficult to find news unless citizens, themselves, post it for us.

German media has admitted squelching the pedophilia and rapes committed by the Islamic migrants in order to undermine support for nationalists Germans.

Epaminondas said...

You have to wonder what % of the people, watching the progress of incidents from the Rheinland to the Danzig corridor, and the secret pact between USSR and Nazi Germany (pact among Iran, Rus, Suria and Turkey anyone?) felt the same nauseating sensation we all do, warning those they could speak to, KNOWING what HAD TO BE COMING DOWN THE LINE, and were simply unable to make a dent in the stupidity, denial, carreerists and naifs in the government the peoples of the wesst voted for REPEATEDLY in order to avoid the bitter, bitter truth, and be compelled to commit acts.



NOT COUNTING THE MILLIONS SIMPLY THE FUEL OF INDUSTRIALIZED MURDER (Christians, Kurds, Yezidis, in Iraq, Syria and Turkey anyone?)

Twain - 'History rarely repeats itself, but it ALWAYS RHYMES'

Pastorius said...

We are importing our own genocide.

Always On Watch said...


importing our own genocide

Needs to become a refrain here at IBA -- and elsewhere.

Always On Watch said...

Meanwhile in Finland:

Mid-East “Refugees” Turned Around By Human Wall In Finland.