Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Said, "Sharia is For Muslims, So If There Is a Muslim Majority State, It HAS TO BE RUN BY SHARIA"

From Jihad Watch:
“Sharia law is for Muslims. So if there is a Muslim majority state then it has to be run by Sharia,” stated basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with surprisingly little public controversy in a September 23 interview. This statement and other elements from Abdul-Jabbar’s biography only accentuated reservations concerning a Muslim president recently raised by Ben Carson, even as Jabbar in another interview dismissed Carson as “bigoted and irrational.”

Yesterday, Always on Watch posted on Abdul Jabbar's mentor, who was the leader of an attack on Washington DC in which he and his Jihadists took 150 hostages.

And then there's this:


More than four decades after Muslims slaughtered seven people in a home he owned, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar argues at Time that blaming Islam for the Charlie Hebdo murders says more about our ignorance of Islam than it does about the shortcomings of the religion itself. 
“Knowing that these terrorist attacks are not about religion, we have to reach a point where we stop bringing Islam into these discussions,” Abdul-Jabbar insists. “I know we aren’t there yet because much of the Western population doesn’t understand the Islamic religion.” 
Forty-two-years ago this Sunday in Washington, D.C., the property that the Hall of Fame center purchased for his Islamic teacher’s use served as a stage for terrorism every bit as shocking as the ghoulish performance at Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office. The Time article by the UCLA and Lakers great strangely never mentions the sectarian bloodbath that occurred under his roof. 
The abridged version is that a crew of Philadelphia-based Nation of Islam (NOI) members invaded the home, murdering several adults and children execution style. They drowned a newborn baby in a bathtub. In slaying the children, a ringleader reasoned that “the seed of the hypocrite is in them.” The “hypocrite,” Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, had called NOI leader Elijah Muhammad “a lying deceiver” and judged his followers criminals disgracing the name of Islam in letters imprudently sent to numerous mosques. 
Like the Charlie Hebdo murders, the assailants sought to avenge an insult to a venerated religious leader. Like the Charlie Hebdo murders, the assailants executed innocent, defenseless people, including five children ranging from a few days old to a fourth grader. Like the Charlie Hebdo murders, religion, not money or sex or power, primarily motivated the attacks.


Always On Watch said...

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speaks with forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

By all appearances, KAJ has studied his chosen doctrine and practices it with presumed finesse:

Hadith of Bukhari, Volume 4 ... Hadith 4:269. Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: The Prophet said, "War is deceit."

Unfortunately, there are those who will give him (and those like him) the benefit of the doubt until the sword of ill-conceived tolerance is directly at the throat of a loved one or that of their own.

Nicoenarg said...

I find what he said extremely honest for a Muslim.

He says:

“Sharia law is for Muslims. So if there is a Muslim majority state then it has to be run by Sharia,”

Exactly. Which is the reason Muslims move to Western countries en masse. Get the majority and then establish Shariah. His statement also applies to cities where Muslims have majority.

One has to understand that "majority" just means power. Give Muslims the power to have control over others, numbers aren't going to mean much. The only reason they stress on "majority" or "numbers" is because that's what the Quran stresses on when it comes to different wars and battles since in Mohammed's time that is what translated to power. More men meant more idiots to sacrifice for his cause.

I don't see what he said as deceit. He's extremely clear. To Muslims nothing is more important than Shariah. NOTHING. They'll respect your laws but only until they can gather enough power (with more numbers or otherwise) and then they're not bound to any "man-made laws" (according to Islam). It is their duty to overthrow those laws, including the Constitution, and replace it with Allah's bullsh*t.

Its not about whether Muslims should be allowed to become president but whether Islam should be allowed to be practiced at all or not.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Sure. But I doubt, and correct me if I'm wrong, but this amendment was not written in the context of Islam with its open, perpetual war that its believers wage.

The Constitution also mentions Treason. The first amendment should not and can not be used to justify treason. Muslims, a wide majority, are forever engaged in treason just by the definition of them being Muslims. Only those Muslims who reject Shariah, and hence Islam (rendering themselves non-Muslims), are not treasonous.

Always On Watch said...


A lot of kids admire Kareem -- and all they are hearing from him is how Islam is peace. Kids don't delve into anything but such sound bytes, the sound bytes which support their cognitive bias, engendered in them by the school system. What are the schools teaching about shari'a? Not what we the informed know!

Pastorius said...

The reason the Anonymous commenter noted Kareem's practice of Taqiyaa is because just three or four days ago, Kareem wrote an article which said that Ben Carson is wrong, Islam is peaceful and it does not condone the murder of apostates or gays, that is no where in the Koran.

He actually wrote that.

That is Taqiyaa.

And that is the reason AOW and I have been hammering on Kareem the last few days.

Nicoenarg said...

I agree with all three of you (including Anon), I was just saying that he was, to be quite honest, extremely forthcoming about what Islam and Muslims really think and want when it comes to Shariah. In this statement I didn't see deceit, that's all.


Its true that schools are horrible when it comes to teaching what Islam really is. But I think the real responsibility falls on parents not schools. After enough parents have realized that its their responsibility to raise their children, and have taught them the truth, it is not going to matter what the government wants to shove down children's throats via schools and the corrupt education system.

I understand many parents want to protect their children from the ills in this world but the government and schools don't care for any of that and are left free to brainwash children with their agenda.