Friday, September 25, 2015

Abdul Shalabi Released From Gitmo

Abdul Shalabi: Osama bin Laden's and Kalid Sheik Mohammed's bodyguard

While the media were oohing and aahing over Pope Francis's visit to the United States, Abdul Shalabi was released from Gitmo and is now in Saudi Arabia:
...Shalabi, who was captured by Pakistani forces in 2001, was once deemed (by the Bush administration) “too dangerous to release” but under the Obama administration has been repatriated by U.S. officials on Tuesday [September 23, 2015].

An Obama military review board released a report [Must-read link!] that cleared Abdul Rahman Shalabi for release. Shalabi has been sent to Saudi Arabia where he will be placed into a “rehabilitation program” for militants. The review board said the effectiveness of the Saudi rehabilitation program was an important factor in its decision. The board also noted the detainee’s “credible desire” to re-integrate into society and participate in the rehabilitation program, but it “acknowledges the detainee’s past terrorist-related activities.” A statement that he was likely to still have sympathies to extremists was also made by the panel who recommended his release....
According to CNN:
...Shalabi's transfer from Guantanamo was the second announced in less than a week, leaving 114 detainees at the naval base that the Obama administration is pushing to close.

"The United States is grateful to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its willingness to support ongoing U.S. efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. The United States coordinated with the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure this transfer took place consistent with appropriate security and humane treatment measures," the Defense Department said in a statement.

It announced last week that Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri had been transferred to Morocco.

The remaining 114 detainees being held at Guantanamo fall into two categories: Those who can be transferred to other countries and those who the United States must continue to hold.

In August, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that Pentagon teams were looking at U.S. sites to house the detainees....
About Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri:
Alleged to be associated with the Moroccan Islamic Fighting Group and Jama'at Al-Tablighi.
Emptying Gitmo is another of Obama's campaign promises which he intends to keep. Come hell or high water.


Anonymous said...

Should have sent him to Vatican City.

Anonymous said...

He was "cleared" for release 3 months ago. Regardless of the timing of his actual release there has been plenty of notice that this was happening.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that enrages me the most is to hear TV commentators trying to understand what is going on, and saying the administration is "naive." No doubt this country was built thanks to previous generations, because we are surrounded by morons.

Once you put all facts and actions together, from kicking W.Churchill's bust from the Oval Office, to the Iran deal, how can anybody with half a neuron still genuinely invoke naivete?