Friday, September 25, 2015

USA: Muslim Mob Attacks Man Who Rips Up A Koran

This is supposed to have taken place at Wesleyan University.


Anonymous said...

What was the purpose of doing that other than venting frustration and inciting the savages?

Better support Ben Carson who will need all the help he can get. Everybody will attack him because he is telling the truth.

Pastorius said...

You're right that it is merely a provocation.


it is important of our population to start to understand that there is no compromise with these lunatics.

We are able to piss on Bibles, burn flags, threaten to murder the President (in supposed "works of art"), why should we not be able to rip up a Koran.

The thing is, this is a Sharia blasphemy issue. We can not let it stand that they believe they can exert mob rule punishment in accordance with Sharia.

It can not stand.

I am proud of anyone who shows that they want to exert mob rule justice.

I am proud of them because it takes guts and they are standing up for all of us.

Anonymous said...

That's Wesleyan University named for John Wesley, right?

Anonymous said...

It was at Ohio’s Wright State University, not Wesleyan. The guy who posted it said so in a comment.

The Last English Prince said...

Here is the deal. Let's line up the Christian amputees who have been mutilated with contralateral amputations for creating mischief in the land.

This is evil. It is evil to amputate limbs as a form of punishment.

Anyone remember the 1994 case of Daniel and Charles Boyd? I retain a copy of the article in my files. Here is a direct quote from the Associated Press, talking of Sabrina Boyd:

"An Islamic Court last week sentenced her 23 year old American husband, Daniel, and his brother, Charles, 29, to have their right hands and left feet amputated after the men were convicted of robbery. The court said the sentences were in keeping with the tenets of the Koran, the Muslim holy book."

Intervention from a nation built on Christian principles as espoused by Jesus, the Son of God, kept the men's limbs intact.

Here is the question. Is it evil to amputate limbs as punishment for a crime? Howsa bout beating a person to death for not recanting apostasy? Is it evil to whack off a little girl's clitoris so that she loses erectile tissue needed for sexual enjoyment?

If you believe that these acts are not evil, then Islam is your logical choice.
Cat Stevens chose Islam. And after "Morning has Broken" came the death of dawn. He supported the kill order on Salman Rushdie.

Can a provocation be based on a need to speak the truth? Yes.

The Last English Prince

Pastorius said...

Great comment, TLEP.