Saturday, September 26, 2015

New World Order: Unanimous Vote At The UN

The tool for the global redistribution of wealth:
Obama Ambassador to UN Quotes COMMUNIST to Push New Socialist UN Sustainable Development Goals

It’s official. On Friday morning [September 25, 2015] the United States, and 192 other nations, unanimously adopted the new United Nations Sustainable Development goals. These “goals“, designed to eradicate world poverty and fight Climate Change, include the Socialist ideals of universal healthcare, universal education, universal employment, and wealth redistribution, all of which must in place by 2030.
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Anonymous said...

Taking an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States – as well as protect the interests of legal citizens who vote for these traitors – is rendered meaningless with the stroke of a pen.

The massive migration of muhammedans and this vile betrayal of our Constitution is clearly a coordinated effort aimed at the theft of productive Western civilization given
"universal healthcare, universal education, employment, and wealth redistribution" does not appear to equally apply to the 57 OIC nations.

Epaminondas said...


Anonymous said...

It's war! 2A.