Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The School Day Before Ahmed Brought His "Clock" Was 9/11 - That Day There Was a Bomb Scare at a High School in Plano, Just 25 Miles Away

This may not be Ahmed's first rodeo with suspicious "inventions" too....
CNN: "In middle school, Ahmed said, he had been called "bombmaker" and a "terrorist."" 
Ahmed's voluntarily professed statement suggests he's also been accused of this before. 
KEEP IN MIND, the school day just prior to Ahmed's stunt was Friday, Sept. 11 
Coincidentally....a nearby high school in Plano was the subject of a publicized and frightening bomb scare on 9/11/2015
Ahmed had to have known that his clock would look suspicious. 
He knew it looked like a bomb. 

Ahmed Mohamed told the Dallas Morning News, “I closed [the ‘clock’] with a cable, I didn’t want to lock it to make it seem like a threat … so it won’t look that much suspicious.”
This family refuses to sign a release of official and school records, yet they keep voluntarily releasing enough details to suggest enough reason to bring suit for fraud and possibly obstruction - since they also publicly revealed they are in NY hoping to obtain travel visas to Mecca (likely hoping to enter with some celebrity recognition).
I'm assuming an open investigation could hinder their VISA application process. On the other hand, I don't know that I would want to hinder their permanent exit from this nation.

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