Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bill Maher Gives Update On Clockmed: "He Did Not Invent a Clock, This is Like Pouring Cheerios Into a Bowl And Saying You Invented Cereal"


Always On Watch said...

This morning, I'm going to invent cereal for Mr. AOW's breakfast -- and he's going to invent eating it!

Pastorius said...

Eating was invented in 688 AD by Mohammed himself. A devil came to him while he was squatting invented watery diarrhea, and then devil said unto Mohammed, "See that rat over there? Hit it over the head with a stone, and kill it. Then gnaw on it for a few hours. Do this and you will find your hunger to be defeated. YOu are a warrior, Mohammed. Rise and eat rats."

Allah knows best.

Anonymous said...

Not only did the kid NOT invent a clock, he went fishing with his "bowl of cereal" from class to class until one of his teachers finally took his bait. The first six teachers simply requested he put the 'invention' away and not take it out during school time. Instead, this kid decided to plug in his 'clock invention' ensuring the alarm would sound off to obtain the attention he sought during class time.
Having achieved the sought after one-on-one attention, he feigned surprise that the faculty was not enamored with his 'invention', rather they were concerned and annoyed, particularly when the kid refused to cooperate and respond to inquiry by various authority figures. In fact, the kids family refused to cooperate and respond to authority figures. Instead of appearing at the requested and rescheduled appointments (multiple) by police and BoE...the kids family held a press conference in front of their home during those times - with family members including the kid and his sister voluntarily answering questions posed by the media.
Subsequent media interviews provide damning details given by the (parents now claim "deeply traumatized") kid AND his sister which reveal prior instances of disciplinary action for similar terror related misconduct...while smiling at the cameras recording accolades lavished on this kid by celebrities like Dr. Oz, Ellen DeGenerous, Twitter, Google, NASA, and even from the current-occupant-of-the-oval-office (which arrived via Twitter before any of the details of this incident hit the media).
Traumatized, my backside!

Pastorius said...


Anonymous said...

There's more today from DallasNews: Before Ahmed’s fame: fantastic inventions and a fight with authority which reveals this is a precocious kid with a history of disruptive incidents resulting in detentions and eventual suspension from school ...a few choice quotes:

"When a seemingly possessed projector kept shutting off midlecture, young boys’ snickers surrounded Ahmed’s desk, where he sat with a hand-built remote control in his lap.

Talkative to a point of disruption to class, Ahmed..."...tried to get out of detention by reciting the First Amendment in the principal’s office. ... While his discipline record is confidential and his father didn’t want to discuss it, the file was thick by some accounts.

Ahmed said he was suspended for several weeks in sixth grade. A family friend, Anthony Bond, said the boy and a cousin were blowing soap bubbles in the bathroom, and the school overreacted.

Color me skeptical...blowing bubbles doesn't result in multiple week suspensions. I'd like to know more ...perhaps they tried to flush the soap and created an expensive mess to clean up?

"Ahmed blamed an administrator at the school who, Bond wrote, the boy felt “has been terrorizing him since the 6th grade” — hindering him from praying in school and unfairly punishing him." ... "Bond’s letter called the boy’s treatment “Muslim bashing”

"Bertha Whatley, who was Irving ISD’s attorney last year, said “high-level” officials at the district reviewed Bond’s letter. Bond said the principal overturned the suspension after meeting with Ahmed".

"...“I told you one day I’m going to be — and you told me yourself — I’m going to be really big on the Internet one day,” Ahmed said."

*****appears the kid is easily manipulated and ill advised about media celebrity. Any trauma was self inflicted and encouraged by the people he trusted most.

Anonymous said...

*****PressTV: Ahmed Mohamed's family hires lawyers to sue for inventor son’s rights

WHO KNEW?! Ahmed is entitled to disrupt class at will – it’s his ‘right’!

cjk said...

Actually his invention sums up just about every Mohammedan invention in history when you think about it. Take someone else's genius, repackage it and call it your own.
Oh, and Ronnie is the biggest POS there is.