Sunday, September 27, 2015

DallasNews: Before Ahmed’s fame: fantastic inventions

DallasNews: Before Ahmed’s fame: fantastic inventions and a fight with authority which reveals this is a precocious kid with a history of disruptive incidents resulting in detentions and eventual suspension from school ...a few choice quotes:

"When a seemingly possessed projector kept shutting off midlecture, young boys’ snickers surrounded Ahmed’s desk, where he sat with a hand-built remote control in his lap.

Talkative to a point of disruption to class, Ahmed..."...tried to get out of detention by reciting the First Amendment in the principal’s office. ... While his discipline record is confidential and his father didn’t want to discuss it, the file was thick by some accounts.

Ahmed said he was suspended for several weeks in sixth grade. A family friend, Anthony Bond, said the boy and a cousin were blowing soap bubbles in the bathroom, and the school overreacted.

Color me skeptical...blowing bubbles doesn't result in multiple week suspensions. I'd like to know more ...perhaps they tried to flush the soap and created an expensive mess to clean up?

"Ahmed blamed an administrator at the school who, Bond wrote, the boy felt “has been terrorizing him since the 6th grade” — hindering him from praying in school and unfairly punishing him." ... "Bond’s letter called the boy’s treatment “Muslim bashing”

"Bertha Whatley, who was Irving ISD’s attorney last year, said “high-level” officials at the district reviewed Bond’s letter. Bond said the principal overturned the suspension after meeting with Ahmed".

"...“I told you one day I’m going to be — and you told me yourself — I’m going to be really big on the Internet one day,” Ahmed said."

*****appears the kid is easily manipulated and ill advised about media celebrity. Any trauma was self inflicted and encouraged by the people he trusted most.


Anonymous said...

PressTV: Ahmed Mohamed's family hires lawyers to sue for inventor son’s rights

WHO KNEW?! Ahmed is entitled to disrupt class at will – it’s his ‘right’!

Always On Watch said...

As a teacher of over 40 years, this information comes as no surprise to me.

The Last English Prince said...

It is rare to see a propaganda assault mounted to this level. Multiple venues: The White House, the United Nations, social media giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, talk shows, etc.

This is a highly sophisticated media assault and should be noted as the same.

The whole thing has become profane, in an unholy and dirty sort of way.

The Last English Prince

Always On Watch said...

It's the 21st Century Owellian Ministry of Truth.

Pete Rowe said...

Still waiting to see all of those fantastic inventions.

Anonymous said...

Any other whiz kid can only dream of being traumatized in the same fashion as Clockmed has been for his fraudulent efforts. Just a peek at what Clockmed has suffered so far:
Verge: Zuckerberg invite to facebook invite to twitter
Wired: Silicon Valley's new hero accolades from Aaron Levie, CEO of cloud company Box, SV venture capitalist, Mark Andreessen, CEO of Autodesk, Carl Bass, Wired, invites to Google science fair, etc,
Motherboard: Local hacker accolades & invite to join hacker group "We're giving him an Arduino, solar panels, a lot of hardware as encouragement because we support what he's doing,"
9/16/15 Offer from Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of (Google Ohanian for company name).
Space Camp extends scholarship
Microsoft expresses support for Ahmed Mohamed by gifting him a big bag of goodies
Ahmed at Google science fair
Online crowdfunding campaignstarted by his supporters to provide a scholarship for him and other minority students interested in the STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, math) has also continued to raise money
Ahmed Mohamed Races DeLorean Go Kart at World Maker Faire
Turkish Prime Minister Davutoğlu meets Ahmed Mohamed
Inventor Ahmed Mohamed (L) and Queen Rania of Jordan attend the 2015 Social Good Summit - Day 1 at 92Y on September 27, 2015 in New York City
Foursquare: Foursquare said it stood with Mohamed "because we love to make things too." The company reminded him to "never stop inventing the future."
Reddit: Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, asked how to get in touch with Mohamed because the site wanted to introduce him to some of their "friends in science."
123D Circuits: Ahmed was also offered a free circuit kit from 123D Circuits so he could continue to build things.
MIT: On Thursday, MIT's president, L. Rafael Reif, tweeted that the university was "delighted" that Mohamed was interested in STEM and MIT.
NASA: Former NASA astronaut Daniel Tani offered Mohamed a NASA shirt that was worn in space.
Homer Hickam, a former NASA engineer and the inspiration for the movie "October Sky," was part of a group that offered Ahmed a scholarship to Space Camp USA.
Business school: Ahmed even got a scholarship offer from the international business school, the New European College.
Music career: And R&B artist Ne-Yo tweeted that Mohamed should let him know if he had aspirations of getting into the music industry.
14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed’s family planning trips to U.N. and Saudi Arabia
With the Prime Minister of Turkey & Princess of Jordan
Ahmed and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales also met up

Anonymous said...

NYPost: New York City bigwigs can’t get enough of ‘terror’ clock kid