Saturday, October 28, 2006

CAIR: No Comment?

Today on Fox News Channel, there was some discussion of the documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West, recently released on DVD. The moderator of the discussion stated that CAIR had been invited to participate in the discussion, but had declined.

Now, why is that? One would think that such a discussion on cable news would be an excellent opportunity for CAIR (1) to debunk the film and (2) to issue a call for moderate Muslims to speak out against Islamic radicals.

A recently released twelve-minute version is available for online viewing HERE. Better yet. Buy the DVD and watch the entire documentary.


SlantRight 2.0 said...

CAIR could never stand up to the scrutiny and the facts of a slanted right network as Fox News.

Always On Watch said...

CAIR seems to think that stonewalling is the solution.

Anonymous said...

OBSESSION the movie is now online in 8 parts at youtube. It was pulled from Google, I doubt it will last on YT for very long …

Some quotes:

“There are cameras there for the whole World to see it, but the World refuses to see it”.–Walid Shoebat
Former PLO terrorist

“Secular dogma like Nazism is less dangerous than the Islamofacism we see today because it is religious. It says, it’s God Almighty that’s ordering you to do this, not the F├╝hrer” –Walid Shoebat
Former PLO terrorist

“No Kuffar is innocent”
–Unidentified Imam

If you recognize the value of this video . . .yes, share the link . . .but don’t stop there. Purchase a copy and make sure your library, your schools and religious libraries have a copy to share. It’s important to get the message out in every venue, but don’t forget the message has a financial aspect. To encourage this type of production, we have to financially support it as well.

Kiddo said...

After recent insults hurled at anti-jihadists (Bedier's calling me "Mr. Pimp" being only one example, perhaps CAIR is frightened that their 'representatives' can no longer keep their cool.

Watcher said...

Hey, cut Bedier some slack, will you? After all, he's been quoted... by the MSM... and must feel himself very important. LOL