Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Right now both sides fill me with gag reflex disgust

evilcheney.jpgSo I am flipping around the dial (in a sparse signal for XM area) and I hear Rush Limbaugh's voice mention the word Fox on some derogatory way, and thinking it was Fox News I flipped back only to hear him going off on Michael Fox about his being used by the democrats to falsely accuse the repubs of being FOR diseases and death. Limbaugh, unbelievably, made the day for dems by claiming that Fox was off his meds. Tasteful, Rush. Dumb.

Can we all get more hideous?

Lamont, losing and desperate, accuses Lieberman of being Nixon. Ford (who I hope wins) has some kind of meltdown, when showing up at a press conference being held, BY HIS OPPONENT and demanding something...who cares what ...
Even the SPLC, normally an exemplary organization goes after Tom Tancredo as if he;s some kind of racist, because he is concerned about border security - as race neutral a subject as there can be, and not connected to IMMIGRATION ..except in the minds of those who want their opponents to be racists to make life easy for them.

Lost are the actual issues in the hyperbolic, gross, stupidities, and in the hyperbole are the weaknesses and venalities of both parties right now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, good, it's not just me. I wound up screaming in my car at Jay Severin last evening because he was going off in the same vein as Rush about Michael J. Fox, plus accusing him of exaggerating his symptoms. Whatever you may think of Sam Harris ("End of Faith") he makes the excellent point that we can hardly demand reasonableness of others if we don't practice it ourselves.

And if it takes something like 9/11 to get us all on the same page for 5 minutes, I fear it will take something much worse next time given the degree of polarization we've got now. A lot of people get in bed with Kos, Soros and the like because they feel safe using that as a way to give Bush and Co. the finger. They don't believe the Islamofascist threat exists so they play right into their hands.

Demosthenes said...

I'm quite surprised you would think the SPLC "an exemplary organization". Every pronouncement by SPLC I hear suggests a socialist front organization.

Epaminondas said...

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been a paragon of anti racist activity. Outside of that domain, they ought to STFU.

Sort of like if the ADL decided to take a position on abortion. Who cares, and why? So STFU.

But if you want the straight down the line, undulterated anti hate, anti bias anti racist position - they are IT.

Pastorius said...

I think the SPLC has outlived its usefulness. There is an aging hippy I work with who gets the SPLC mag and brings it into the office every month. Every freaking issue is the same thing; skinheads and white-supremacists.

Oh yeah, those guys are a big threat in our modern world, aren't they?

The SPLC acts as if they have no idea that Hizbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda all have working cells within the US dedicated to killing Jews.

What's more, I believe there is more black on white crime than there is white on black, or white on Jewish crime, and much of it is based in racial hatred. But, the SPLC never acknowledges that.

The SPLC is working with the same tool box they worked with thiry years ago. It's tired, and it doesn't acknowledge the realities of the modern world.

We are the cutting edge. You know how you can tell? Because people oppose us and tell us we are the racists.

That's what used to happen to MLK and the like, and that's what happens to us.

Epaminondas said...

Pasto, that is a perfect description of why the democratic party's message has disintegrated since the 60's.

Why Dylan's music seems irrevlevant.

Why Peter Paul and Mary seem just plain old and dumb...

It had meaning, but real racists are trying to make it 675 AD.

Epaminondas said...

Actually, rather than worry about Kevin Mcdonald and Trent Lott, why aren't they screaming about Hassan Nasrallah, and HAMAS... about Qaradawi and Tantawi..