Friday, October 27, 2006

Did You Say, "Patorius Interviews Mark Steyn?"

Yeah, well, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a BlogNewsConference with the great one as he talked about his very worthwhile new book, America Alone. I urge everyone to go out and buy and read this thing. It's a very important work.

I love Steyn. Even when I am aggravated with him, I admire his determination to tell it like it is.

Why would I ever be aggravated with someone who is merely attempting to get the truth out?

Well, because Steyn tells the truth of statistics and stories and ideologies, but he doesn't tell the truth of our human nature. Steyn tells us, as the interview facilitator from noted, the truth in the manner of the propeht Isaiah. That is, he tells us, "Here is what will happen to you if you don't change."

But, Steyn never tells us of the forces which could bring about that change. He never tells us of the indomitable tradition and spirit that is Western Civilization. He never tells the truth of the street, which is that we are a bunch of ass-kickers just waiting to start tearing throats, and spilling blood.

That is the truth of Western human nature. We are animals by instinct, and we've proven it time and again. Charles Martel, John Sobieski, and dare I say it, Vlad the Impaler. These were Western men. Their deeds haunt the collective soul of our civilization. Somewhere back in the brute recesses of the European subconcious, we can still see ourselves with blood on our teeth, our eyes scanning the horizon for more.

We will not lose this battle. If, in the end, our governments turn their backs on us, we will stomp over the dead bodies of our "leaders" to take the fight directly to the Jihadis.

Never let anyone tell you we are going to lose. Fuck losing. Who among us wants to give up our lives as they are? Who wants to abandon our children and our children's children to the disaster that is Islamic civilization?

We will never give in.

That being said, let's talk about the interview. Some of the bloggers who joined in on the call: Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, Avi Green at Tel-Chai Nation, Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Jerry Gordon of Israpundit, Omri of Mere Rhetoric, Chad of GDLL, Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk, John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Judith , Anne Lieberman of Boker Tov Boulder, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues, Banagor of Broadsword, Kim Priestap of Wizbang, Tigerhawk, Barak Moore of IRIS blog, Thomas Lifson of American Thinker.

Here's the audio in two parts, anyone who wants to convert to MP3?
Download mark_steyn_part_i.wav
Download mark_steyn_part_ii.wav

The interview started out with Steyn describing the "triad" of forces which are destroying Europe,

1) Demographic disaster
2) the welfare state
3) The civilizational exhaustion of Europe

Steyn described how after 9/11 he decided he needed to take a trip to the Middle East to get an idea of what the hell was going on. First, he said, he decided to take a little pleasure tour in Europe, to see three of his favorite cities, Paris, London, and Vienna. What he found was that the Muslims in the major European cities are even angrier at the West than are the Muslims in the Middle East.

He also described taking trips to hospital maternity wards in Europe and seeing the disproportionate amount of babies being born to immigrants. When he started to crunch the real demographic numbers, he realized that Europe was in real trouble.

Mark Steyn gave major props to our fellow Infidel Pamela, from Atlas Shrugs:

Pamela: Hi this is Pamela from Atlas Shrugs.....

Mark Steyn: Hi Pamela. Big fan of yours

Pamela: YAY!

I had several questions for Steyn. They all centered around the instinctual mechnaisms which I believe will bring about the changes that need to take place before we will start really fighting. As busy as this hour-long conference was, none of us had time for more than one question. So, the only question I got in was as follows:

Pastorius: There was a baby boomlet in America after 9/11. It seems the instinctual reaction among humans is the opposite of what would be expected, when our herd is threatened, we have more babies. Have you considered that they may happen in Europe?

Steyn kind of laughed at that one and agreed that, yes, it is true, that when a society is threatened, an instinct does kick in and more babies are bred. He cited recent events in South Korea as an example. Steyn described an bacchanal orgy going on as a result of the nuclear threats emanating from Kim Jong Il.

However, Steyn denied that this could happen in Europe. On the contrary, he says, when he talks to young people in London, they maintain that events have convinced them they do not want to bring children into such a horrible world.

Ehhhgh! Perhaps, I ought to be more blunt in my line of questioning in the future. I thought Steyn was more a man of the Earth than to answer in that way.

Let us be blunt. When danger rears its ugly head, men have to behave like men. And, that makes women want to fuck.

Which leads me to another instinct that Steyn does not take into account. That is the natural instinct of the herd to want to protect its territory. When we really come to believe that our land, our traditions, and our children's future is imperilled, then this instinct will kick in.

I guarantee you that, if and when, the Jihadis inevitably overplay their hand in Europe, when they get all hyped up on their own sense of self-importance from having scared so many of us with mere words, when they release a nerve gas, or detonate a nuke in a major Western city, and when we see the melted eye sockets, and bloated burned bodies of our neighbors, things will change. The hooligans of the soccer stadiums will dethrone the pedantic bureaucraps of Brussels, and the real war will be on.

The winner in all this would be the politician who recognizes these forces before they are unleashed in a chaotic manner. It would be better for all if the violence that will inevitably ensue were to be conducted with discipline and reason. If it were targeted specifically at the Jihadis, instead of becoming a mass free-for-all against all those who do not appear European.

I vote for this kind of order. But, I vote against the kind of order that Europe now has. The kind that would ignore uncomfortable problems, until they become intractable problems, the kind that would believe that throwing money at madness, is a form of government, the kind that endlessly borrows Peter to pay Paul's Pimp-daddy welfare state, all the while bringing ever more hordes of immigrants and "youths" to keep feeding the Ponzi scheme.

The European Union wouldn't know a problem if it gang-raped their daughter. Away with the EU. On to the next phase.

We will win. Remember that. We will win.


Anonymous said...

"Let us be blunt. When danger rears its ugly head, men have to behave like men. And, that makes women want to fuck."

Patorius - you wax so eloquent! Looking forward to your eloquence on my radio show tommorow.


Epaminondas said...

yeah, but how do you really about sexuality?

Pastorius said...

If you call that eloquence, then we ought to have a good time tomorrow.


I'm definately full of eloquence.

Anonymous said...

"Steyn denied that this could happen in Europe. On the contrary, he says, when he talks to young people in London..."

And since when is London part of Europe???

Anonymous said...

Folks, I like Steyn too but we have got to get past bemoaning this demographics thing. For one thing, it does smack of racism. For another it is insulting and presumptuous to suggest that women should devote themselves to breeding us out of ths problem. For another, it is unrealistic. More advanced civilizations tend to have lower birthrates for a number of sound reasons and that would not be a problem if the developing civilizations didn't adhere to whack-job ideologies that turn their proportionally larger populations into menacing hordes and/or the advanced civs didn't let them get away with it. It is a problem rooted in ideas and beliefs, not just demographics. If Europe was filling up with immigrants who assimilated and embraced Western values there might be some consternation over more superficial aspects of Western culture being replaced but we would hardly be facing a return to the Dark Ages. I'm with Pastorius, I fear that it may have to come as the result of a wake-up call along the lines of a thousand-fold 9/11s, but that survival instinct will kick in when it does. Let's just hope it does so in time.

Pastorius said...

Snorri Godhi,

To be fair, I am not quoting him verbatim. I am quoting from memory.

Pastorius said...

Revere Rides Again,

The Welfare system is a Ponzi Scheme which requires a larger pool of people to pay in each generation in order to fund those who don't work, and/or retire.

This necessitates that a nation have a larger population each generation.

If the peoples of European countries are not breeding then they need to enlarge their population through immigration.

This is a problem for Europe because the nearest potential immigrants are primarily Muslim and Muslims do not assimilate well into the European culture.

However, this is also a problem in America (to a much lesser extent) because we, apparently, need so many South American immigrants that we are not able to assimilate them quickly enough to keep up.

However, the South Americans do assimilate eventually.

Avi Green said...

I've also said a few times that the EU, just like the UN, needs to be discarded. They're only wrecking the countries under their control, and it's time for some politicians to come forwards who can leave membership with them behind.

Pastorius said...

Yes, I agree. Europe is at a very dangerous point in its history. It would be very easy for a fascist to come along and exploit the forces which are at work.

Dennis Prager points out that Germany had a very liberal government which was, in many respects, similar to modern Europe in the years leading up to the election of the Nazi regime. The people became disenchanted with the results the left were producing and thus, elected the alternative.

I pray to God some sanity reigns in Europe in the next few years.

Dag said...

Fascism arises from the corpses of democracies. when people's democratic nations fail, they turn in rage and fury to strong men and strong reactionary visions to save them from madness. Our democracies are failing, not because our institutions are corrupt but because our intellignetsia are psychotic, having what Thomas Sowell refers to as the "vision of the anointed." He writes that our dhimmi soicieties are "self-inflicted wounds."

If we don't take action now to organise a resistence tothe left fqascists, then we will reach the point later where others will take over and become classic fascists. To guide our revolution to some kind of reasonable future we must organise ourselves now, which is why I keep on writing urging all to meet the public and organise neighbours and friends for the strugle to come. If we do nothing, then others will do what we should have and could have. but they might now be as nice as we. Then you get what you get.

Pastorius said...

Did you read my post, "It's Time To Form European Governments In Exile"?

I'm in agreement with you.