Monday, October 30, 2006

No Excuses For Terror

A very worthwhile British documentary from David Aaronovitch.

Part I:

Part II

Part III

Part IV


truepeers said...
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truepeers said...

Well, in showing that the left is utterly confused and morally corrupt about the Jihad, this documentary does not really explain why they are that way, why the left hate Israel as a symbol of a truly creative firstness that breaks with the surrounding backwardness of a "people".

And why is there this failure to explain the intellectual incapacity of the left? i think because in trying to defend some vision of a good truly "progresive" liberal position (btw, a position which will always have the antisemitic and anti-American seed in it, no matter how many secular Jews and Americans practice it), they leave unexplorable what the good left and the bad left share in common. What they share is a kind of religious experience of the world that is a false, Gnostic, religion at war with the truly progressive Judeo-Christian revelation. The fact taht "good" liberals symbolize this experience somewhat differently from the bad left does not free them from complicity in defending their similar religious experiences (note this film's many allusions to the good old days of the left when it was truly "progressive") and resulting Gnostic assumptions about the "progressives".

I think Israel is the truly progressive force because it strikes a blow for the modern nation-state in a region and among a liberal world opinion unwilling to value the nation-state and clinging to more primitive, imperial, desires about progress and equality in servitude to some good emperor-ess. Israel says to the Arabs: be like us, our kind of country works - yours doesn't. Only when that message is heard will there be peace.