Thursday, October 26, 2006


So its a womans fault if she gets raped? well we know that is true in Islam but there is no precident for such ideas in the western world , Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali made thes assertions in a speech in Sydney Australia stating the above and referring to women as "uncovered meat".

In western civilization the human body is inviolate, in Islam the female human body is a posession of the male and can be treated how the owner sees fit hence you get these utterly insane ramblings coming out of the mouths of clerics who are clearly living in the stone age, Islam is still in the stone age.

Manifestations of this stone age mindset of Muslims are all around us, rapes of Kufr women and young girls are regularly carried out by Muslim males in the west.

Young Muslim women dissapear or are murdered if they offend the Family, usually the Male head of house.

We here in the UK are not helping matters, there are those in this country who willingly denegrate our own customs and beliefs in subjugation to political correctness and the fear of offending Muslims in the UK, the BA farrago continues Baghdad Airways have said that the employee who wore a crucifix can "work out of sight" of the passengers and general public, gosh, thats big of them, they are quite willing to allow veils and hijabs to be worn by their staff "in public" but not the emblem of this nations religion, they are clearly completely out of touch with reality and public opinion as is the BBC.

"BBC commissioning editor for documentaries Richard Klein admitted the broadcaster was out of touch with the British public, saying it was guilty of "ignoring" mainstream opinion."

Wow tell us something we did not know and have been yelling about for ages, but it gets worse, last night, following a lapse of sanity I watched the BBC's "Interview with the Taliban", this programme was a propaganda scoop for the Taliban, the BBC should be ashamed of itself and the Government should revoke its Charter.

If all of this is not bad enough and you are not quite reaching fever pitch, our beloved heir to the Throne has come out with the kind of idiotic statement only he can make. He, Charles wants a "multi-Faith coronation", coronation!, if Charles for one minute thinks the Queen will surrender the Throne of Gt Britain and the Commonwealth to him whilst he is spouting this banaal idea he had better think again.

Well are you screaming yet, no, well this might just do it, Britains largest Gaol is converting its Chapel into a Mosque

This must be being done to reflect the majority religion in the Prison and to ensure that these inmates become highly radicalised, as the MSM likes to put it thus creating more people who want to see our demise as a nation and we are paying for it.

On a more serious note, there are many Christian organisations that work with prisoners and they have had success in rehabilitating prisoners, will they now be forbidden entry to prisons in case they offend Muslims contained there in?.

All of these activities send a message to the followers of Islam that they are in the ascenency in this country and the dream of its Islamisation could become a reality.


Pastorius said...

It's time to start forming European governments in exile. It's time to start agitating for regime change in Britain, Belgium, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

If the leaders will not work by the will of the people, then they must go.

Pastorius said...

Great post, by the way, Mr. Gandalf.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for acknowledging that Charles is an idiot, I felt it would be sort of rude for a Yank like me to say it first. If he ever does take the throne, I'd like to suggest he try the "French" coronation ritual I read was used by Richard III in which both the king and queen strip to the waist to be anointed. Between Charles and Camilla, that should liven up the celebrations quite a bit.

That women all over the globe aren't rising up in outrage every time one of these misogynistic mullahs opens his cakehole just shows the bankruptcy of what used to be a real women's rights movement. That old reprobate deserves a pie in the face at his next speaking engagement, delivered by a well-toned young lady in a thong. Why any woman allows herself to be defined by men, let alone Muslim men, is beyond me. But thanks to Taj Din al-Hilali we now have the perfect retort to anyone who claims that Islam "liberates" women. It is the most virulent of the many examples of men blaming women for their own inability to control themselves and "solving" the problem by demeaning, restricting and oppressing women "for their own good". And then having the brass nuts to call it "respect".

I may be on the way to being a old lady, but if I ever turn into a Nice Old Lady, just shoot me.

Aeneas said...

Great post gandalf. Have you seen the 'Anti BBC Bias' petition?. It can be found at the following URL: