Monday, October 23, 2006

In case you were wondering.. "Islam’s war against Israel is not a conflict of borders and land "

Yes.., tales of more moderates....Muslim Brotherhood Member Barred from United States..bravo for Chertoff


Newsweek posted an article on MSNBC how an "influential Islamic scholar" from the United Kingdom was prevented from attending a conference at New York University. The story reported that Kamal Helbawy, founder of the Muslim Association of Britain, was removed from a flight in London right before his American Airlines flight was about to take off for New York. Officials at NYU Law School, which had organized the conference, were aghast. Paul Cruickshank, a fellow at the law school's Center for Law and Security was quoted as saying, “He’s a really respected guy,” Karen Greenberg, Executive Director of the Center, protested the decision to bar Helbawy, "It looks like they are afraid of the words that are going to come out of somebody’s mouth.” Helbawy claimed in the Newsweek story that he has condemned terrorism "thousands of times."

Well, let's go to the videotape. Helbawy appeared at a conference of the Muslim Arab Youth Association in December 1992. I was there. And here are excerpts from the speech he made recorded on videotape:

“Do not take Jews and Christians as allies, for they are allies to each other.”
“O’Brothers, the Palestinian cause is not a conflict of borders and land only. It is not even a conflict over human ideology and not over peace. Rather, it is an absolute clash of civilizations, between truth and falsehood. Between two conducts – one satanic, headed by Jews and their co-conspirators—and the other is religious, carried by Hamas, and the Islamic movement in particular and the Islamic people in general who are behind it.”

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