Tuesday, October 31, 2006

God Destroy The Monarchy

(Big time hat tip to Gandalf at UpPompeii).

Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, yesterday, removed the Remembrance Day poppy she was wearing (that's the way Brits memorialize their fallen soldiers),


God destroy the monarchy now, please, before Prince Charles is King.

Please God, destroy the monarchy, motivate the people of Britain to do whatever they have to do to get rid of these evil, horrible people who live in palaces at the expense of the British people.


Anonymous said...

Unless, of course, the king of England IS a moron! On the other hand you gotta admit Camilla would look much better in a burka.

I did my part for the cause tonight, I roamed all over the Salem Hallowe'en street party in a Cartoon Jihad Mo Da Bomb T-shirt. And nobody noticed. No. Bod. Y. Not even the old lady in hijab (real, not costume) who walked by with her husband. Hard to compete with all the Jack Sparrows, teenage vampire hookers, and the 9-ft-tall Grim Reaper who was posing for pictures with them all.

Pastorius said...

Good job, Revere. Did you have the frog with ya too?

Watcher said...

You know, this latest Camilla's idiocy is actually a good thing. It only enrages people against Islam.

Pastorius said...

Maybe, but get rid of the monarchy anyway.

Demosthenes said...

It's funny where my atheism has taken me. I would applaud Charles if he were "Defender of the Faith", but he is Surrender of the Faith and I only despise him for it.

Pastorius said...

What good does the monarchy do for anyone? And, don't you think Charles is a very dangerous man? Wouldn't you rather have the monarchy disappear than to have him take the throne?

Hey, I'm not a Brit, so what do I know, but I'm not understanding your perspective.

Epaminondas said...

Like the Louvre, the palaces would make better art museums, and perhaps wedding centers ..maybe we can have some nouveau rich entrepreneur really get those edifices cranking some revenue.

Maybe phitty cent needs a london crib, y'all.

Jason Pappas said...

One would have hoped that the royal family stood for tradition … English tradition. Has the Prince converted? Or has he just morphed into Lord Hawhaw?

Pastorius said...

I do truly wonder if he and Camilla have converted.