Monday, October 30, 2006

Are we having fun yet with Pakistan?


Al Qaida rallies with new funding, recruits and safe havens in Pakistan and Somalia

The bad news is that Al Qaida is staging a comeback.

The worse news is that the comeback is taking place in the most sensitive of U.S. allies — nuclear Pakistan.

Western intelligence sources report that Al Qaida has reorganized and grown far stronger over the past six months. Al Qaida has received fresh funding from a range of prominent Sunnis who see the movement by Osama Bin Laden as the last line of defense against Shi'ite Iran.

Bin Laden has been grateful for the Gulf Arab support. He has eased plots in such countries as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and has been working on consolidating power in Pakistan and Somalia.

Al Qaida already has all of Somalia for a haven. In Pakistan, the entire frontier with Afghanistan belongs to Al Qaida as the movement has recruited thousands of young Muslims throughout major cities.

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Anonymous said...

Anybody want to start a pool for the date Mushat is, er, rendered superfluous? OBL could really use those Pakistani nukes. OBL vs. Ahmadhimmijerker... I hate getting in the middle of gang wars. It would be fine if they just killed each other off, but the contest is as likely to be over which of them can beat the West first.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the link you've provided to read further isn't working, but let's not forget about the situation in Waziristan. Since it's become sovereign from Pakistan, we showed carpet bomb the entire region, demanding the turnover of bin Laden so that we can hang him from the capitol building and let his corpse dry out as blackbirds eat out his petrified eyeballs.

Anonymous said...

showed = should. My bad.

Pastorius said...

I'm with Steve on this. Waziristan does not present a nuclear threat. We ought go go in a grab the people we want.

Anonymous said...

Can we hang the corpse from a lamp post in downtown Manhattan and let the pigeons crap on his head? When DC is finished with it, of course.

Pastorius said...

Here's a good image for this post:

In fact, Zippy the Pinhead might be goldmine for you. Don't know if you are familiar with that old comic.