Saturday, October 28, 2006

Videos worth watching

Charles Henry has put a couple of superb videos here.

My favorite is this one, it says so much so well, but this one is excellent too.

Please take the time to comment on them and rate them.


Anonymous said...

Another video worth watching.

Sorry no music!

The two lines have to be put together as one address:

Anonymous said...

Your fav reminds me of David Bowie:
"Do you remembers the bills you have to pay for even yesterday...?"

Anonymous said...

The third one is most moving because it expresses a heartfelt hope (as well as showing how good the good guys (US soldiers) are).

The party's over is very good. If any drag queens are for the counter-jihad, I hope some of them record a cover of that tune.

Your fav is chilling and a little perpelexing because I believe that there's no way to "micromanage" war with the Palestinians and Hezbollese -- that a heavy hit, meaning the deaths of "civilians," including women and children, will have to happen eventually.