Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Winds of War: Are We Getting a Clue, Yet?

From The Gathering Storm

This was published at NeoCon Express.

The politicians in the EU, UN and US don’t seem to get it – but the military does. I wonder if they are readying plans to fight in this theater of war once given the word.

The following is from a press release today by the US Military's Central Command. It is encouraging that our military understand the nature of the threat and the objectives of this brutal enemy:


Al Qaeda and some Islamic extremist groups have stated that their ultimate goal is to restore a caliphate encompassing all former and current Muslim lands. The totalitarian state would impose a strict interpretation of Islamic law, curbing freedom of speech and religion, and women’s and minority rights.

Though maps vary, the plan would extend the caliphate into the middle of Africa, South Asia and parts of Europe and Southeast Asia. After the historic caliphate is established, some plans show long-term efforts for it to encompass the entire globe.

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Epaminondas said...

Where is Senator Palpeteen when we need him?