Saturday, October 28, 2006

Winds of War: The Immaturity of Muslims – Arrested Development?

From The Gathering Storm

If you look at the hissy fits Muslims throw at the littlest critique of their religion, you have to wonder if the religion of Islam forces its adherents into a state of arrested adolescence.

Like many teenagers, they can’t seem to control their emotional outbreaks – the hallmark of maturity. An article, in, of all places, the Huffington Post, brings this immaturity into stark relief.

In London three years ago, I breezed into one of those phone and fax services where you can make copies, send faxes or place international phone calls from your own booth, for a fee. As I was paying on my way out, the Arab who ran the shop muttered the word "slut" under his breath, almost but not quite too quietly to understand. To the Islamists, western women are the ultimate Material Girls, all flesh and no spirit. They frankly hate us. We represent everything they loathe about modernity. We also present a more deeply personal threat in the reform by example of their head-covered women. On the subway yesterday, I had one of those silent interactions involving the eyes only that women know about. I was sitting across from a fully robed and scarf-ed young Muslim woman. I stared at it rather too long, I suspect, and with a sour look. When I looked down into her eyes, I noticed the young woman boring a defiant look right back into my skull, eyes filled with superior disdain. We stared at each other in this unfriendly way for a few more seconds, then I looked away. I know what I was not saying: The global jihad is really a war to keep her hiding her head in shame under that black polyester cloth. I know what she wanted to say. In her eyes, I am no different than Jessica Simpson, performing fellatio on an ice cream cone on MTV.
By wearing the scarf, Islamic women perpetuate the belief that women are too inherently seductive to be seen by men. Under the scarf, they mutely support the idea that men are too weak to resist their own urges. Male self-restraint, a hallmark of maturity, is not a goal, it's not an option, in their world. On the contrary, Islamist men are assumed not to possess the ability to resist the inherently shameful, and thus utterly sexualized females in their midst. These covered and supposedly humble women are full participants in their own humiliation. They are the Helens of jihad.

That’s why any pundit, politician, world leader or media outlet that thinks immature civilizations like Iran and North Korea have a ‘right’ to the bomb are seriously deluded. Immature societies are not allowed to play with adult toys until they can show self-restraint – the hallmark of maturity.

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