Monday, October 30, 2006

You have to be kidding ..I express doubt over this one - Iran about to 'grab' Kuwait? Too overt ..or just bold enough?

Well, first, about two weeks ago we get this:
October 18, 2006: Kuwait announced that it's police and intelligence services had discovered an Iran espionage and sabotage organization within Kuwait. The Iranian agents, recruited from among the Shia (who are half the population) in Kuwait, were often trained in Iran. The Iranian network consisted mainly of "sleeper cells" (agents who were inactive, and went about their normal lives until activated by their Iranian bosses.) Kuwait is still trying to discover the extent of the Iranian networks, but fears that it may be a large one (several thousand members).

then it's repeated today by Strategypage, not exactly a bunch of overexcited hysterical types.

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