Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Trouble With Ahmeds

Golly gee, it's kind of hard for me to even remember how this started up. Nevertheless, Ahmed Bedier of CAIR-Florida and I have exchanged words, shall we say, recently on the web. Actually, I was just called "Mr. Pimp" by Ahmed Bedier over at YouTube this evening because I had left a comment on one of his videos almost a week ago. Allah forbid! I mentioned a historical fact. This seems to enrage Mr. Bedier and causes him to accuse me of spreading lies. However, I can't even begin to lie when I'm still laughing my ass off over being called "Mr. Pimp" by a man who claims that he and CAIR are credible while we "hate bloggers" are not.

And why, you might ask, has CAIR representative Ahmed Bedier chosen to blast the entire anti-jihadi blogging community from the comments section of MY blog? I can't answer that one, folks. It may be that he just doesn't know about site meters yet, or that he knew that I'd get that he was doing an impression of the Emperor talking to Luke Skywalker in "Return of the Jedi". Well, that was the tone of it anyway, when he discussed our "weak alliance".

But since he is addressing all of us, apparently even LGF, Jihad Watch, etc., I figured I'd cross post some of Mr. Bedier's thoughts on our blogging here.

Example #1:

Ahmed Bedier said...

Your comment was approved and posted on my blog and I have responded to it. Most blogs are moderating comments. Everyone has to do that these days to avoid the spammers and the radicals.

Try posting a message on Little Green F(ee)tballs or (d)ihad watch and you'll quickly find out that it's censored.

You have a very distorted view of CAIR and myself. Our actions speak louder than your empty words and threats.

Who's trying to silence who? You and your friends are sooooo angry (I've read the hateful comments) that we have a voice on the web??
One of you actually put up some action alert to flag my videos on YouTube, another one has attacks on the guy that makes UmmahFilms? What is wrong with you, don't you have anything better to do?

We're speaking up against terror and violence, we're building bridges of understanding and working will the government and law enforcement and we are making a positive impact.

I'm sorry that I can not say the same thing for you and your weak alliance. All of you are using some anonymous screen names and are ashamed to publicly share those views. I doubt that anyone of significance will ever actually pay any attention to you.

How many of you are quoted in mainstream media?? That's what I thought.

3:50 AM


Oh yeah, I responded. With another post on my blog actually, and a few more on his rather hateful blog. He has kept it up on his site, on YouTube, and now back at What Would Charles Martel Do? this evening with yet more insults about bloggers. That's right, since people pay him to call me "Mr. Pimp" on the web, he has more credibility than I do. Sorry if I'm not buying that line! More:

Ahmed Bedier said...
Wow I didn't know I had such a fan club out there. I should start charging a membership fee. How about hosting a live chat with Ahmed Bedier. We can call it Bedier Raw, I'm joking of course.

How do you guys find the time to post and moderate and monitor, do you have lives?

I'm not sure I have the time to respond to all your questions and concerns or time to even respond to all the comments left on my blog.

But this is an interesting experience.

Hate bloggers: understand this, you will never be as credible as CAIR. No one cares about your hateful views. You are very shady folks with questionable backgrounds and motives. Continue to live your fantasy on the Internet.

7:16 PM


Ooooh, he sure told us! Oh that Ahmed, I've been laughing so hard ever since he called me Mr Pimp that I can't take anything seriously. But I figured everyone could use the update, especially as it was so poorly a paid CAIR representative....OK I'm giggling again. I'll repost the picture that I took of the CAIR-Florida "field trip" for the girls to Tampa's Busch Gardens. I think that picture is upsetting him somehow. I mean, who do you trust when "hate bloggers" from "shady backgrounds" show up with pictures of CAIR get togethers?

Feel free to share your thoughts on these subjects with the ever engaging Ahmed Bedier, he might just come up with bad nicknames for all of us in this "weak alliance" before he's done! Or to read my response to his parting shot. It's good to see where CAIR's putting their money though, finally. Paying some guy to call me Mr. Pimp. There you go. SCAIRY. Happy Halloween from CAIR!

Cross-posted at Kafir Nation.


von Schlichtningen said...

Hi Pim's Ghost

That is the way to go. Bravo. I am 100% behind Mr. Pimp all the way ;-)

Mr. Ahmed Bedier is easy to understand though. For the American Muslims to get their 99% quota of all hate crimes, they have to count it all.

Here is one more serious hate crime:

Mr. Bedier: You are a Joke.

(I am from Europe but it is directed towards America and Mr. Bedier is American I presume? - It will count? Won't it? Please?).

Now the count is: 101% of all hate crime in the US is directed at Muslims.

(I don't get the math - you have to be a member of CAIR to understand)

Epaminondas said...

Hey, if Ayaan Hirsi Ali can be a enlightenment fundamentalist, you can be a free speech pimp.

Wear a button, you whoooooaah !

What a maroon !

Maybe you should post your bathing suit pimp shot for him. His mind will reel - imagine, a woman putting him down instead of being appreciative of her (in his mind) 'natural god ordained position'.

Next you will be a blasphemer, too!

Anonymous said...

Speaking against terror and violence and "building bridges", are we? Funny, but Walid Phares refers to CAIR as "an Islamist lobbying organization" and a "pro-jihadist lobby". Maybe Mr. Bedier would like to try telling MSNBC's Middle East expert to "get a life".

Watcher said...

Hate bloggers: understand this, you will never be as credible as CAIR. No one cares about your hateful views. You are very shady folks with questionable backgrounds and motives. Continue to live your fantasy on the Internet.

This gets my nomination for The Most Ironic Post Of The Week award

Kiddo said...

von Schlichtningen, actually he's Egyptian, which opens up a whole new can of spoofs. Anyone else remember that classic album "Jon Wayne Texas Funeral" with the song "Mr. Egyptian"?

"and he just said 'No-go-diggy-dye' again!'"

"so I said, Mr. Egyptian, you're a goddammed liar...yep..."

(--Jon Wayne)

Oh boy, now I'm giggling again. Maybe Bedier can finally settle the rumors of who was in that band. There were so many.....Revere, perhaps he will, since he gets "quoted by the MSM"! Quote this: "Mr. Pimp"....ROFLMAO

I'm so happy to be with all of you 'shady characters with questionable motives and backgrounds'. You guys make me so happy to be living out this "fantasy on the internet". Now can we dress up like Jedis and take on the evil Sith Lords like Bedier seems to imagine the fantasy as? Please?!!?

Anonymous said...

PIM, keep up the great work! I'm glad we're getting CAIR's panties all ruffled up!

Brian from Snapped Shot

Anonymous said...

An organization with multiple members convicted of terrorist charges is calling someone else shady?

Kiddo said...

Thank you folks, and thanks Dag, I'm glad to join the Kafir Nation ranks. I've long been an admirer. But my antics are few, that's why I was a bit shocked that Bedier bothered to tell the blogosphere off from my blog. I was barely posting on it at all anymore. That's why I posted it here so that you guys could see what he'd been calling us all. It was too funny not to post, especially after his return last night and the "Mr Pimp" thing on YouTube (a commenter at LGF posted that the video has been removed by bedier, as if we don't have screen captures....thanks for my next post, Ahmed).

And that's what you get if you bring up the Omar Ahmed quote and Asma bint Marwan's murder! I like Mr. Pimp. Not quite "Neo-Con Zionist Jew Bitch Whore", but he's just not naturally creative. I don't even think he's mad about the nuns yet....

Always On Watch said...

Pim's Ghost,
As you know, I've been posting on and following this story. But this posting of yours is a gem. A real gem!

As Watcher said, Hate bloggers: understand this, you will never be as credible as CAIR. No one cares about your hateful views. You are very shady folks with questionable backgrounds and motives. Continue to live your fantasy on the Internet.

This gets my nomination for The Most Ironic Post Of The Week award

This Bedier comment, found here runs a close second:

Bedier dismissed any allegations of the group's terrorist ties, including ones made in lawsuits brought by families of 9/11 victims. "After 9/11, there were families that sued every Muslim under the sun," he said.

He also said that CAIR's critics are indirectly taking aim at Muslims: "We are to the American Muslim community what the NAACP is to blacks in America. If you attack us, you are attacking the Muslim community and the religion of Islam in this country."

[American Crusader found the above comment by Bedier]. Apparently, Mr. Bedier so stated with regard to Keith Ellison's campaign in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

American Crusader, great catch. Bedier is using purposeful "attack imagery".

Court documents at Anti-CAIR show that as they were preparing to take on CAIR in court, Anti-CAIR was going to argue:

"These [discovery] requests seek admission regarding certain associations with known terrorists and/or statements made by CAIR leaders regarding the need to hide their support for Hamas while engaged in political action in the U.S., alleged “attacks” against Islam in the United States arising from federal action against HLF, which funded Hamas, and the fact that the appointment of a person opposed by CAIR to the United States Institute of Peace by the President constituted an attack on Islam … The evidence will show that under Moslem law, “attacks against Islam” must be fought with violence. CAIR’s intentional and repeated use of the “attack” imagery is, therefore a potential call to violence."


And from Doug Hooper:

"Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says Muslims who hear such statements may conclude that their faith is under attack from America."

Anonymous said...

Bedier and I exchanged emails, and it was enlightening to know that I got to him. When he started to incite me as one who preaches hate, that's where I decided there is no point in even opening up a dialogue with him. In other words, he's a broken record that keeps on skipping the same beat every single time.

If these hypocrites are any bit as intelligent they make out to be, they'd quit calling bloggers people of hate when all we're doing is stating FACTS.