Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Caliphate And CAIR

In January of 2006, I composed a blog article largely based on the Washington Post article "Reunified Islam: Unlikely but Not Entirely Radical: Restoration of Caliphate, Attacked by Bush, Resonates With Mainstream Muslims." According to that Washington Post article:

"[T]he caliphate is also esteemed by many ordinary Muslims....Muslims regard themselves as members of the umma, or community of believers, that forms the heart of Islam. And as earthly head of that community, the caliph is cherished both as memory and ideal, interviews indicate."
Recently, discussion of the caliphate has resumed, in part because President Bush has been using the term in several of his speeches.

On October 23, 2006, Dr. Walid Phares wrote an essay entitled "The Caliph-Strophic Debate" and analyzed a recent article in Newsweek Magazine. Excerpt from Dr. Phares' article:

"It seems that the US is having a hard time winning the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims, but an equally serious problem can be observed in the intellectual circles of America where some have had a difficulty coming to terms with the terminology of the War of Ideas. If the educated elite of the United States is incapable of identifying the ideology and the strategy of the Jihadists five years after 9/11, we not only have a problem with handling the War in Iraq, but also with the future of American national security as a whole....

Read the rest at Always On Watch.

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't read Phares' "Future Jihad", then run, don't walk (OK, drive, just do it) to your nearest bookstore and if it isn't in stock make the fools order one for you. If you've got the hardcover, donate it to the library sale (like I'm doing today) and get the new softcover edition, which features about 30 pages of Afterword with particular attention to current and future jihadist strategy in every area of the globe.