Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Mosque at West Point

Commenting on the new mosque at West Point, Lawrence Auster notes:

You may wonder how many Muslim cadets are at West Point. There are 32. As of 2001, there were two. Now, the U.S. Muslim population has not increased 16 fold in the last five years, has it? The U.S. Muslim community has not been suddenly seized by patriotic fervor to serve and defend America during the last five years, has it? So how could there be so many more Muslim cadets? Obviously the Bush administration has made a concerted effort to increase the number of Muslims at West Point, in order to prove to the world that the U.S. is not prejudiced against its enemies.

If true, this is taking “love thy enemy” a bit too far. War time ethics calls for a different posture … and it’s not on the floor with one’s ass in the air!


citizen_us said...

I think it is a dangerous precedent.
Especially in light of this survey
I saw this morning over at Redneck's Revenge Nice find, Bordergal.

This survey was non-scientific, but I think it is a good window into the thoughts of muslims who are Americans.

Anonymous said...

One of Walid Phares' chief concerns is Islamist infiltration of the American military, security and intelligence establishments. This is why.

sonnyspats1 said...

It seems pretty elementary. Muslims take the corian literally, as it is written. Whereas the violence in the Bible is an account of history in the old testament. I believe so called moderate Muslims should be considered as not unlike a christian believer who may be brought to maturity in his walk with the Lord. In comparison a spiritually mature christian may choose to dedicate his or her life to the betterment of mankind. The worst fundamentalist Christian behavior I can remember were things like Jimmy Swaggert getting some in a motel or Jim and Tammy spending all that loot. Both events triggered widespread condemnation not to mention prison time for Jim Baker. Checks and balances are built into our way of life. I watched the Berg beheading video. Those hate possesed inhumans were reading from the corian as a literal direction manual. Where do the chapters for moderates stop and the chapters for extremists begin in the corian? Its all one book therefore its all one belief system.