Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Have Had An Epiphany

Now I understand why the Muslims say the West is decadent. Now I understand why Muslims move here and become increasingly disgusted by us, and therefore, increasingly radical. I think I even kind of understand why they want to blow shit up.

Check out this European commercial (don't know the language, maybe someone can help me out there):


von Schlichtningen said...

Pastorius - that is funny.

It is German. In the end it says:

"Need glasses?"
"Your optician"

Anonymous said...

So one rather tasteless commercial triggers a so-called infidel's murderous lust? THAT is truly disgusting. Y'know what I do when a commercial glorifies something I abhor? I simply stay far away from all products made by the company behind the commercial.

Pastorius said...


I was joking.

Pastorius said...

Von Schlicht,

I thought the point was that she was turned on by the car. Did I get it wrong?

Alison said...

No ..think she needs glasses. Im not sure what its 'glorifying' anon but, car or glasses i agree its pretty frikkin tasteless. you have to wonder.

von Schlichtningen said...

Pastorius, It seems she just needs glasses. But she sure does like the car. He he

Pastorius said...

Well, if she just needs glasses, then the dude ought to be complimented, because that's a rather large stick shift.


But, perhaps he ought to step out of the car as she gets to her business, and then let her tell the stories later. That'll enhance his rep.