Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First The Ear

The not exactly active blogger, yes, even less posts than me, "First The Ear" has explained his/her intentions of blogging in a most hilarious post. I just had to share:

"My very first post was about dismembering Muslims. Not all Muslims you understand.

Just the ones that support the murder of innocent people, like Theo Van Gogh.

I was inspired by the example of his august ancestor, Vincent Van Gogh, who apparently sliced off his own ear in a fit of anger.

This is an excellent example for Musulmen in the West to follow.

Rather than patterning their lives on the pedophilic assassin and thief, Mo HAM ad, who upon becoming angry ordered the beheading of Jews or the rape of captive women and children, or the assassination of nursing mothers and elderly poets, they should follow Vincent's gentle example.

Paint pictures, drink absinthe, and if things get really unbearable - slice off an appendage.

Preferably one that might otherwise enable them to explode themselves in crowded venues. Appendages like arms or hands or fingers. Like that.

Think of the peace that dismemberment of the terrorist elite would bring.

Slice off Bakri's tongue and he won't be able to exhort impressionable young Muslims
(and Vincent knows a thing or two about IMPRESSIONISM)."

Read the rest at First The Ear, killing them softly with giggle fits. Ahh, I love "makkah-ry".

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