Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Long, Lonely Struggle

The counter jihad struggle in Malaysia is a lonely one, against near-impossible odds. The Islamic government can swoop in at any time, and arrest or detain anyone at will with minimal pretext or none at all. One well-placed phone call can ruin a life.

The Mainstream media is often called, with cause, the “Treason Media” by our counter-jihad brothers and sisters in the free world. My friends, it is far worse here. The Malaysian MSM is openly and hopelessly co-opted by the Muslim-dominated Government into silence… or cowed into total compliance with the Party Line. Self censorship, thoroughly ingrained dhimmitude in non-Muslims, occasional (unofficial or otherwise) veiled threats from “Muslim Interest Groups”, intimidation, legal action, and the draconian Internal Security Act are a fearsome combination to be reckoned with.

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