Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Storm Track Infiltration: Long Rumored, Now Fact – Jihadis Crossing Our Border

From The Gathering Storm

Thanks to the investigative reporting of Fox News correspondent William Lajeunesse, the monarchs of the media and the potentates on the Potomac can no longer ignore the reality of potential jihadis crossing our southern boarder.

Last year, in little noticed congressional testimony, FBI Director Robert Mueller Jr. revealed that "individuals from countries with known al Qaeda connections have attempted to enter the United States illegally using alien smuggling rings and assuming Hispanic appearances."

Mr. Lajeunesse took the time to carefully digest a new staff report prepared by the House Committee on Homeland Security. It ought to be required reading for every reporter and official in Washington, D.C.

Titled, "A Line in the Sand -- Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border," the just-released report confirms what many have long suspected: Our border is a sieve, not a barrier, for radical Islamic terrorists transiting into the United States. The Investigations Subcommittee charges that from September 11, 2001, to the present, hundreds of illegal aliens from countries "such as Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan... and Afghanistan" were apprehended crossing into the United States.

But the news gets worse.

Investigators also found: In June 2006, seven Iraqis were caught in Brownsville, Texas. In August, an Afghan man was caught crossing the Rio Grande into Texas. FBI Director Mueller has testified that a Hezbollah cell had been "dismantled" after discovering that the terror organization was smuggling operatives across the U.S.-Mexico border to carry out terror attacks inside the United States. Individuals from countries with known al Qaeda connections have changed their Islamic surnames and adopted false Hispanic identities to escape detection and blend into American society. Radical Islamic groups that support Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamiya Al Gamat are all active in Latin America.

The worse gets even worse. Our buffoon south of the border is more dangerous than we thought.

But the bombshell -- as reported by Mr. Lajeunesse and confirmed in the congressional report -- is the role played by Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez….This investigation now concludes that Mr. Chavez' nefarious deeds go well beyond a weapons-buying spree and efforts to manipulate elections in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. According to the congressional report, "Venezuela is providing support -- including identity documents -- that could prove useful to radical Islamic groups.... The Venezuelan government has issued thousands of cedulas, the equivalent of Social Security cards, to people from places such as Cuba, Colombia, and Middle Eastern nations that host foreign terrorist organizations." These documents can be used to obtain Venezuelan passports and American visas, which in turn allow the holder to elude immigration checks and enter the United States.

Somehow, most of this has eluded the crack journalists who purport to write and report "news" for our so-called mainstream media.

For those who still have trouble understanding, the concluding lines of Section III on Page 32 should suffice: "Given the ever-present threat posed by al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations -- a threat that has been underscored by the recent events in London and the vulnerability of our borders -- the need for immediate action to enforce our borders could not be more apparent."

And the deep sleep continues.

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