Monday, October 30, 2006


In the near future you may see mosques at all the service stations along the motorways of the UK, "pray as you go" is coming, the Muslim Public affairs committee have received the following:

"Just had confirmation that a wealthy muslim family have decided to build a prayer facility on a motorway service station. This will include ablution facilities as well. There are in the process of talking to more service stations to get permisiion so more can be built on service stations. Alhamdulliah, may Allah bless the family. they have done this without hu-ha, without pomp and show. Teaches everyone a lesson.This facility will be on the hilton service station on junction 10a(i think, i will double check). Now there is no excuse to not pray salaah.Dont know when it will be open,like i said, will post when i have more info."

Can you imagine the shopping experience in the motorway stop offs, "Prayer mats "R" Us
Kufr shops to the right, Halal shops to the left, what next I ask, will we be rows of raised posteriors in the car parks.

Interestingly they say this has been done without a hu-ha, well the cat is out of the bag now.

These people obviously wanted to keep this quiet, for very obvious reasons and the planning authorities MUST have also kept this quiet, I wonder why...........Gandalf


Pastorius said...

I'm glad you put this up here. Thanks. This is an amazing story, because it reveals an amazing strategy for normalizing Islam across Britain, even in places where there are very few Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Better keep it quiet because you might get the wrong sort of Pakistani using these facilities:

"Muslim Dalits (Arzal/Muhajir)
Muslim society in India can also be separated into several caste-like groups. Descendants of indigenous lower-caste converts are discriminated against by "noble", or "ashraf", Muslims who can trace their descent to Arab, Iranian, or Central-Asian ancestors. There are several groups in India working to emancipate them from upper-caste Muslim discrimination [3][4]. The Dalit Muslims are referred to by the Ashraf and Ajlaf Muslims as Arzal or "ritually degraded". They are also referred to as "Mujahir" in Pakistan and euphemistically called "Bhaiya".They were first recorded in the 1901 census as those “with whom no other Muhammadan would associate, and who are forbidden to enter the mosque or to use the public burial ground”.They are relegated to "menial" professions such as scavenging and carrying night soil"

In Pakistan, a predominantly Muslim nation, 80% of the Muslim farmers of Sindh or 24% of the total population are Mojahir [5]. There are estimated to be 6.8 million[citation needed] Mayazurs (bonded laborers) in Punjab and another 7.5 million in Sindh. Although the Pakistani Supreme Court has ruled bonded labor unconstitutional and the National Assembly has passed laws prohibiting it, these laws remain largely unenforced due to the influence of large landlords. [6]"


Anonymous said...

I dunno... can you imagine the reaction if someone started building chapels next to every gas station on the interstate?

Jim said...

If I ever stop at a gas station and find a mosque, I'll leave and go to another gas station without a mosque.

Pastorius said...

Or, if you REALLY need gas, you could mistake the "mosque" for the restroom.