Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sexual Schizophrenia

This article in Spiegel showcases the repression and frustration in the Islamic world. Muslims are often torn between following Islam and human nature.

For many in the Arab world, discretion is the only option when it comes to experiencing lust and passion. There are secret spots everywhere, and they are often the only place to go for those forced to live with the contradictions of the modern Islamic world. In countries whose governments are increasingly touting strict morals and chastity, prohibitions have been unsuccessful at suppressing everyday sexuality. Religious censors are desperately trying to put a stop to what they view as declining morals in their countries, but there is little they can do to stop satellite TV, the Internet and text messaging.


Muslim novelist "Nedjma" ("Star"), the author of "The Almond," a successful erotic novel, describes Moroccan society as divided and bigoted. Despite progressive family and marriage laws, she says, the country is still controlled by patriarchal traditions in which men continue to sleep around and treat women as subordinates.

The article reaches the wrong conclusion on this point:

[...] conservative theologians emphasize the compatibility of pleasure and faith -- but only after marriage. They can even evoke the Prophet Mohammed, who said: "In this world, I loved women, pleasant scents and prayer."

This presents an odd contradiction to the puritanical present, which represents a fundamental departure from Islam's more open-minded past and has instead made way for a humorless and rigorous Islamism.

Muhammed had multiple wives and numerous sex-slaves. There is nothing open-minded about that nor does any "conservative" theologian disagree with such a hideous example.

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Anonymous said...

old tired argument w/o validity Slavery was evenutally abolished in Islam but was a common institution in the day of all concerned Islam forbade cruelty and encouraged freeing of slaves. Plurality of wives was also a common practice, found in the Bible and other religions of the time. It was eventually severely limited and one wife the recommended norm in Islam The religion gave women rights the Christians and others hadn't even thought about yet. Islam as a religion cannot be held responsible when ignorant practices of the culture are at blame.Get your facts straight ansd interpret in terms of historical times, nt cureent times.