Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New, active/passive defense system for vehicles and **individuals**

Euro group introduces electronic countermeasures system to protect combat vehicles


LONDON — A leading European defense contractor has begun marketing an anti-tank missile electronic self-protection system.

EADS has been marketing its MUSS multifunctional self-protection system to Europe and the Middle East. MUSS was designed to detect incoming missiles and activate electronic or pyrotechnic countermeasures to prevent a strike. The German army is the first customer. Executives said EADS would supply MUSS for the army's new Puma armored fighting vehicles to defend against guided anti-tank munitions, such as guided missiles, bombs and shells.

It was the first report of a European EW system meant to foil anti-tank missile strikes. Israel and the United States have been developing similar systems.

Under a contract reported on Aug. 14, EADS would equip five prototype Puma vehicles with MUSS. Executives said the system includes missile warning sensors, central computer and electronic or pyrotechnic countermeasures to prevent a strike against armored personnel carriers or main battle tanks.

"The new technologies that we employ here are opening up previously unimagined techniques for protecting armored vehicles from attack, as is already possible for aircraft, helicopters or ships," said Bernhard Gerwert, head of EADS Defense Electronics.

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