Friday, October 27, 2006

The other other other bad guy ..Secretary of State for Terror - Mostafa Chamran

Iranian's mission possible: Drive the U.S. out of Iraq

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Mostafa Chamran has been ordered by the Iranian leadership to drive the U.S.-led military coalition out of Iraq. Chamran heads an effort to train the Mahdi Army and a range of new insurgency groups to undermine Iraqi stability and increase U.S. casualties.

Chamran is no stranger to violence and terror. He is Iran's leading liaison with terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, including Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad.

A pioneering commander in the mullah regime, Chamran oversees training of terrorists in Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Iraq and other Arab countries. Chamran reportedly targeted such countries as Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Gulf Arab states with a large Shi'ite population, for instability in Iran's drive to increase its influence throughout the region.

Chamran's latest mission is to increase the capability of Shi'ite militias, Western intelligence sources said. These militias, equipped with new lethal bombs, have been trained to destroy their Sunni rivals and accelerate a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

Chamran surrounds himself with the best of terrorists from Hizbullah to train the Mahdi Army and offshoots. He has been bolstered by Hizbullah's experience against the U.S.-equipped Israeli military, mauled by the Lebanese militia in the war in Lebanon in August.

So who do we have doing this, countering this? Richard Armitage?

Where are our sons of bitches?

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