Friday, June 26, 2009

Regime Change Iran Logo Banned

From Matt Simon at Power and Control:

If you look at my sidebar you will see that the logo for Regime Change Iran has been banned. The message reads in part:

This page/domain banned b/c porn, warez, or topsite. If you own this site and feel the ban is in error visit go to "Contact Image Shack" and refer to the contents of the url bar.
Regime Change Iran is still functioning. Visit them for their latest updates.


TT said...

Hello, Pastorius: this link is very important. French philosopher Henry-Levy has given it the publicity it merits. In that video, Ahmadinejad promises his mentor and spiritual adviser "a great shake on the planet". The video has been recorded in a secret meeting between several hardliners and the only one that speaks is Ahmadinejad.
Read the comments too. They are most of them in English.

TT said...

This link provides several videos of the brutality of the employees of Iranian embassy in Stockholm against the people who stormed the embassy to protest against the Iranian repression.

Some people from the demonstration stormed the embassy area. Embassy personal used som kind of electronic weapons (tasers) iron batons, and knives against demonstrators. One person were taken to hospital due to knife stab from embassy personal another because of heart attack due to tumult outside the fence. They were all armed from the embassy and really violent. The demonstrators smashed windows of cars and smashed some windows of the buildings and tried to defend themselves against the heavily armed, embassy personal who didn´t even hesitate of using their wepaons against people.

The people are upset about the violence the rioters displayed too.

Pastorius said...

Thanks, TT.

I posted both links. Thank you very much.