Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden: Violence Erupts As Protesters Storm Iranian Embassy

Films from the riots at the iranian embassy in Stockholm – embassy used electronic weapons

juni 26, 2009 · 3 kommentarer

Some people from the demonstration stormed the embassy area. Embassy personal used som kind of electronic weapons (tasers) iron batons, and knives against demonstrators. One person were taken to hospital due to knife stab from embassy personal another because of heart attack due to tumult outside the fence. They were all armed from the embassy and really violent. The demonstrators smashed windows of cars and smashed some windows of the buildings and tried to defend themselves against the heavily armed, embassy personal who didn´t even hesitate of using their wepaons against people.

My video shows when protesters enters the embassy area and get beaten by the staff of the emabssy:

You can see clearly a personel from embassy wearing white hit the demonstrators with baton in red shirt at 01:10 minute

Interview in persian with women wounded by electricity gun while attacking the iranian embassy in Stockholm: (I did the interview in swedish also, see below)

Go see the rest of the videos at Roya.

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Christine said...

I am assuming these are anti mullah regime protesters.

Sweden? Who'd of thunk it. Go Sweden!