Monday, June 29, 2009

Dallas Cops Side with Muslims

From the Dallas Morning News:

Small gathering protests group's Muslim Family Day at Six Flags

ARLINGTON – Ten anti-terrorism protesters confronted thousands of cars streaming into Six Flags Over Texas on Sunday for a Muslim Family Day.

Peter Reyes of Fort Worth(left) and Dorrie O'Brien (right) of Grand Prairie sift through signs Sunday in preparation for a protest of the Islamic Circle of North America's Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. The protest was organized by Joe Kaufman (standing, center), chairman of Florida-based Americans Against Hate, who claims thatICNA has ties to terrorist organizations.

Demonstrators said the sponsor of the event – the Islamic Circle of North America – funds overseas terrorism. Local Muslims denied the accusation.

"There's no evidence to support their claims," said Mohammad Barney, president of the Dallas-area group. "I know that we Americans all have a right to protest, but I wish they would do their homework before spreading lies."

Joe Kaufman, chairman of Florida-based Americans Against Hate, who wore a dark suit and a flag-patterned tie, said he was pleased by the media coverage. There were more reporters than protesters at the event.

"This is a success because the media came out and covered it," said Mr. Kaufman. "That's the way the public get educated about this organization's ... ties to overseas terrorism."

Mr. Kaufman says the Islamic Circle of North America was founded three decades ago as an American arm of the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, and funnels money to Hamas.

Protesters walked back and forth near the entrance to the theme park holding signs that read, "Americans Against Hate."

One young man leaned out the window of a gold-colored SUV, pumped his fist, and responded: "Long live Palestine. Long live Palestine."

Brenda Jernigan of Duncanville said she isn't positive the Muslim group holding Sunday's event is tied to terrorism. But she's positive her conservative Christian values are under attack.

"There's a moment when you have to decide whether you're going to do something, even if it's just stand here and hold this sign," she said. "It's a statement that we're just not going to let people come in and take over our country."

Three Arlington police officers stood, arms crossed, and watched the protest. .

Sgt. Robert Vorpahl joked that many visitors to the theme park expressed a form of digital disgust with the protest. "I've seen quite a few hand signs," he said. 


Michael Travis said...

And poor Joe has over $100,000 in legal bills now!

G-d bless Peter Reyes of DFW Christian Values Association, the only man to stand by Kaufman.

Pastorius said...

I'll be interviewing Joe on our radio show on Thursday night at 9:00 PM California time.

I'll make a pitch for people to contribute to his legal defense fund.

Damien said...


I wish more people would be angry at Six Flags for this. Imagine if they did something along the lines of Christian family day. Could imagine the outrage, especially by non Christians, and liberal Christians?

Michael Travis said...

"I wish more people would be angry at Six Flags for this."

What about the cops, the courts, and the "church"?? What about the media? And what about all the chicken-shit people who shunned Kaufman.....for fear of the litigation jihad coming to their door next??

Pastorius said...

I don't know much about Six Flags, but I remember when I was in High School, going to a Christian Night at Disneyland. Disneyland also has Gay Day, because so many of the people who work at Disneyland, and love Disneyland, are gay.

I think this, setting aside days for various groups of people, is a common practice, but I could be wrong.

Always On Watch said...

There were more reporters than protesters at the event.

Doesn't that just figure?

This is more than just a Muslim day at Six Flags. Look at the Moslem groups participating!