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Headlines on Iranian Revolts -- Keep Checking Back


Top Headlines of the day for all Iran Stories - There are 2 things you can do to help Iranian Tweeters:

1) Retweet Iranian tweets sans "@originaltweeter."

2) Change your location to somewhere in
Iran to throw off government censors. We're all Iranians today anyhow.

I intend this to be only for Iran related posts. If you'd rather we put them all in here let us know.


Unimaginable Horror in Tehran

Khamenei may be a casualty in vote crisis

Khamenei to Obama ..."and the horse you rode in on"

Iranian Police Beat and Kill Women

Iran Today: Europe Condemns Iran, Obama Throws a Picnic, and Mousavi Attends Protest Outside of Parliament

Time For Some Hope And Change In Iran

-Report Leaks Ahmadinejad Requesting Council Implement "Pure Islamic State"

What I don't see in Teheran....maybe next week on the 7 day memorial or on day 40

Fuck Obama

The cool totem, 'accurate' as always speaks 'out'

And the press woke up? Politico notices it's skirt is showing it's thong?

Today In Iran - A Good Day For Ice Cream Cones, Mr. President?

Reagan Vs. Obama

White House: Obama "Moved" By Protests

Culturism and the Iranian Revolt


Iranian Dissident Calls On Obama To Meddle

Is The Revolutionary Guard Ready To Begin Defecting? - UPDATE - A COMMANDER ALREADY HAS

Is There A Split In The Iranian Revolutionary Guard?


"The genie is out of the bottle. . .I don't think there is a stop to all this"

Robin Wright on Neda in Time

Neda before she was shot

Pahlavi: fanatical tyrants who know that the future is against them may end their present course on their terms: a nuclear holocaust

Is There A Split In The Iranian Revolutionary Guard?

Obama, Ice Cream Cone Photo-ops, and Iran

The End Of Islamic Theocracy In Iran?

Siemens and Nokia Are Helping Mullahs Dig Up Information On Iranian Dissidents

Revolutionary Guard Threatens Crackdown - Opposition Threatens Strike

Regime Change Iran: Movement Seeks to Eliminate 'Supreme Leader' Position

Iran News Via TwitterFeed

IRG Threatens Next Protests Will Mean "Revolutionary Confrontation"

Obama Cut Funding For Freedom Activists In Iran?


Obama The Nihilist Abandons Democracy

Iran Updates From Atlas Shrugs:

Some Talking Heads Are Now Saying That This Is A Revolution

Cartoon: Twitter Fomenting Revolution In Iran

Basiji Compound Attacked, Burned

Protesters Torch Image of Khomeini

Iranians torch image of Khomeini and chase away Basij thugs

Rafsanjani's Daughter Arrested

Iran Rebukes U.S., Britain for Meddling in Election Affairs

Roger Simon Calls Obama A Weirdo, I Call Him A Nihilist

Hey Mullahs, Allah Help You, The Iranian People Are No Longer Afraid of You

Watch CNN

Obama Hasn't Seized The Moment

Mass Protest in Iran Saturday

Another Shooting Death on Tape

How Should We Help Iran?

Israeli Minister: Iran Revolution Coming

Mousavi Takes Obama to the Woodshed?

Top cleric may be playing role in Iran unrest


Anonymous said...

Ace of Spades posted a letter from Mousavi to Obama which states:
"Dear Mr. President,

In the name of the Iranian people, we want you to know that when you recently made the statement "Achmadinejad or Mousavi? Two of a kind,” we consider this as a grave and deep insult, not just to Mr. Mousavi but especially against the judgment of the Iranian people, against our moral conviction and intelligence, especially those of the young generation that comprises a population of 31 million."

A hefty percentage of this 31 million youth continues to peacefully protest - facing down tyrrany with extraordinary defiance & courage .

A commenter at mypetjawa puts this into perspective:


"What gives me hope for this situation is that the horror stories turning up do NOT seem to end with the protesters running for their lives and giving up completely. The casualties appear to stem from them continuing their resistance.

The first time a policeman raised his riot stick and stalked towards a protester, expecting him to run as usual, but the protester just stood there and looked back at him, and it was the policeman that backed down and walked away, was probably the start of a fire that has taken on a life of its' own.

The biggest problem with being an oppressor depending on fear, is "GOD HELP YOU" if they ever STOP being afraid of you.


Anonymous said...

Ali Sina, "My Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama"
Mr. Obama,
I am an Iranian and I want to comment on your stance about the situation in Iran. You said you don’t want to intervene in the affairs of my country. Speaking on behalf of all Iranians we don’t want you to intervene either. To put it more emphatically we will not allow you or anyone to intervene. Election is an internal matter.

What we expect is moral support. Instead you made it clear that you do not give a hoot about the people and their vote and will do business with anyone who wins the power even if that is through cheating and by force.

You said that both candidates are the same because they both represent the same regime. Sir, if both were the same why would millions of Iranians risk their lives to favor one over the other? You don’t have to be a seasoned politician to know this. All you need is commonsense and a bit of intelligence.

An unprecedented 85% of Iranians voted because they saw in Mousavi a glimmer of hope. Mousavi is only an excuse. He is a cut from the same cloth, a man coming out of the same nefarious establishment. However, the difference is that he has promised freedom of pen and of speech. That is all that Iranians need to topple the regime. They are looking for a crack in the dam of the Islamic Republic. Once that crack is made the dam can be demolished.

Furthermore, it will be a lot easier for America to negotiate with a moderate pragmatic president in Iran than a loony who thinks he converses with the Hidden Imam. We know you don’t care about human rights or even human life. Your stance as senator on letting the babies that survive abortion die made this clear. But shouldn’t you at least care about what benefits America?

When in 9/11, the Muslim terrorists killed nearly 3000 Americans, and while other Islamic nations, particularly your favorite Palestinians, cheered and danced in the streets, the Iranians were the only people in the Middle East that took candles in the streets and shed tears. I bet as American haters at that time you and your wife also were cheering and thinking that “American chickens have come home to roost.” That too is clear from all the apologies that you have made on behalf of America to all the terrorists of the world.

The Iranians do not want the foreign countries to intervene in their affairs. What they want is recognition that they matter and that the dictators that oppress them will not be recognized as a legitimate government. Instead you made it clear that you don’t give a damn about the people and that you are prepared to give legitimacy to any thug, as long as he manages to come to power, even fraudulently and by killing the people.

This does not surprise me. You yourself came to power fraudulently.

There are many similarities between you and Ahmadinejad. Both of you have no experience, but have gigantic egos. Both of you have messianic complex. Both of you have never done anything worthy to show forth and yet your campaign slogan was “Yes We Can.” Both of you are admired by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, the leaders of Hamas and every other thug on the planet. Both of you are favored by the gullible people and the less educated folk that unfortunately are in big supply. Both of you are pro Palestine, anti Israel and anti Zionism. But above all, both of you believe in the power of the Big Lie.

read the rest at the link
Here's wishing every dad at IBA a Happy Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

Whoa . . .NYT?!!

6:36 am and there she be . . .top of center column. . .number one entry under heading,

Headlines Around The Web:
June 20, 2009
Iran: Peace Could Break Out in The Middle East

Way to go IBLOGA!!!!


Christine said...

At Threatswatch, Regime Change Iran: Movement seeks to eliminate supreme leader position

Sistani is involved.

Pastorius said...


The NYT links to us pretty regularly. But, a link on this story in particular is immensely gratifying, because I think our perspective is very important. Just the fact that that TITLE is on an NYT page is great as far as I'm concerned.

Damien said...


I'm amazed that the New York Times or any other major news outlet linking to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. This is a good sign. You made a good choice in posting what that anonymous commenter said.

Pastorius said...

The Anonymous commenter had pointed out that if the Mullahs fall, there goes the funding of Hamas and Hizbollah. I thought that was a very important point, and I had not seen it pointed out in the news previously, though I have seen it since.

The NYT links to us pretty regularly. But, a link on this story in particular is immensely gratifying, because I think our perspective is very important. Just the fact that that TITLE is on an NYT page is great as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the prominent NYT link to this story. Do you guys see any traffic surges when they link to your site?


Pastorius said...

We've missed you around here.

No, when the NYT links to us, we only get maybe 50 hits.

Tells you something about the NYT doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

That really surprises me, actually.

Summer means lots of ferrying kids around, houseguests and travel - so less time - and the time I do have has been spent following the Iran story.

Also, just caught a link to the Telegraph UK site where they are reporting on a riot against the police in a Chinese city over a suspicious death.

It is wild - the family wouldn't let the authorities remove the body, reportedly.

Thanks for your coverage on Iran. It has been amazing.


Damien said...


You wrote,
No, when the NYT links to us, we only get maybe 50 hits.

Tells you something about the NYT doesn't it?

Don't let the NYT hear you say that! Quick delete your comments!

- : )

Pastorius said...

Well, anyway Ro, email me when you get a chance. My email address is

midnight rider said...

Hey Ro! How the heck ya been? I missed ya. Feared you left us for another Infidel ;>)

Anonymous said...

Ha! No one other than my better half infidel. No, just busy with kids, guests and travel.

But I have tried to steal away to follow the Iran coverage, which has been so good here (of course everything is tinged with sadness -Neda being the focus of so much of the hope and seeming futility of unarmed young people resisting a vicious tyrannical regime).

But I just can't pull all-nighters like I used to be able to. . .


Anonymous said...

White House: Obama 'moved' by protests in Iran (AP)
"AP - The White House says President Barack Obama has been "moved" by the television images of people in Iran taking to the street in protest. "

The only thing moving in this heartless POS is his bowels.

Captain USpace said...

Hey Midnight Rider,
Incredible headlines post, this will be tweeted. On this Iranian Election thing, at least most of the Left and the Right are together on this, and it will serve to help educate more of the 'dhimmidiots' about Sharia Law. I hope you are well. Thank you for keeping up the great work! Last week I was Checking out: and that got me to see the brilliance of: Wanting help managing 'my channel'
got me to discover: & &
Go for it!


absurd thought-
your Supreme God says
there is NO terrorism...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't speak out against evil

respect mullacracies
pretend they are civilized...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
create religious police

bust women for showing skin
men for not having beards...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
MAD mullahs should be in charge

beating students and children
and freaking about tweets
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Death By Stonings Are Honorable
PS - Let's get more CJs tweeting, leave Tw add. on blogs - please RT

midnight rider said...

Thanks, USpace. We're trying to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Jihadwatch has been down for several hours. Denial of service attack?

Anonymous said...

Jihadwatch taken out by Turkish Telecom state-sponsored DOS attack

Anonymous said...

FWIW, appears to be up and running for me on Wednesday, 7:39 am - East Coast time US.


Anonymous said...

Mousavi wife compares Iran state to martial law (AP)

Pastorius said...

I'm not a fan of Mousavi's wife. She is a bourgeois whore.

When will she condemn the Burqa and the Niqab, and truly stand up for the average Iranian woman.

She considers herself a woman of privelege. That's the only reason she stands up for herself.

She's the Imelda Marcos of Iran, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Neda Soltan's family 'forced out of home' by Iranian authorities
Parents of young woman shot dead near protests are banned from mourning and funeral is cancelled, neighbours say.
The Iranian authorities have ordered the family of Neda Agha Soltan out of their Tehran home after shocking images of her death were circulated around the world.
Neighbours said that her family no longer lives in the four-floor apartment building on Meshkini Street, in eastern Tehran, having been forced to move since she was killed. The police did not hand the body back to her family, her funeral was cancelled, she was buried without letting her family know and the government banned mourning ceremonies at mosques, the neighbours said.
"We just know that they [the family] were forced to leave their flat," a neighbour said. The Guardian was unable to contact the family directly to confirm if they had been forced to leave.
The government is also accusing protesters of killing Soltan, describing her as a martyr of the Basij militia. Javan, a pro-government newspaper, has gone so far as to blame the recently expelled BBC correspondent, Jon Leyne, of hiring "thugs" to shoot her so he could make a documentary film.Soltan was shot dead on Saturday evening near the scene of clashes between pro-government militias and demonstrators, turning her into a symbol of the Iranian protest movement. Barack Obama spoke of the "searing image" of Soltan's dying moments at his press conference yesterday.
Amid scenes of grief in the Soltan household with her father and mother screaming, neighbours not only from their building but from others in the area streamed out to protest at her death. But the police moved in quickly to quell any public displays of grief. They arrived as soon as they found out that a friend of Soltan had come to the family flat.
In accordance with Persian tradition, the family had put up a mourning announcement and attached a black banner to the building.
But the police took them down, refusing to allow the family to show any signs of mourning. The next day they were ordered to move out. Since then, neighbours have received suspicious calls warning them not to discuss her death with anyone and not to make any protest.
A tearful middle-aged woman who was an immediate neighbour said her family had not slept for days because of the oppressive presence of the Basij militia, out in force in the area harassing people since Soltan's death.
The area in front of Soltan's house was empty today.
read the rest at the link

Anonymous said...

Officials: President Obama reconsidering July 4th invitations to Iran Posted: 11:52 AM ET
By Elise Labott

CNN State Department Producer

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The Obama administration is seriously considering not extending invitations to Iranian diplomats for July 4 celebrations overseas, senior administration officials tell CNN.

The officials said intense discussions on the issue were taking place, but the final decision had not been made.

Late last month the State Department sent a cable to its embassies and consulates worldwide informing them they “may invite representatives from the government of Iran” to their July 4th celebrations.

The U.S. receptions marking Independence Day usually feature symbols of Americana, such as hot dogs, red-white-and-blue decorations and remarks by U.S. officials about America’s founding fathers.

The Obama administration had decided to invite Iranians to the celebrations at overseas posts as part of President Obama’s policy of engaging the Iranian regime.

As part of that engagement Obama videotaped a message for the Iranian people on the Persian New year and U.S. officials have engaged members of the Iranian government.

In March Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan spoke briefly with Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Mohammad Mehdi Akhondzadeh, at an Afghanistan conference in The Hague.

But officials said the violence against protesters that has ensued since the June 12 election has caused the administration to rethink the timing of such engagement.

andre79 said...

From the horse's mouth

"Our main and everlasting enemy is Israel."

andre79 said...


Anonymous said...

Iran's Khamenei may be a casualty in vote crisis