Thursday, June 25, 2009

People who think the religious right are just like Iranian Mullahs are just like Iranian Mullahs

From Jihad Watch:

As we watch the horrors in Iran, it makes us wonder if anything like that could happen in America. In Iran, the mullahs control everything and feel justified in any injustice they commit because of a belief in the rightness of their own actions. Is there anyone like that here?

In an answer to that question, Frank Schaeffer wrote a column for the Huffington Post entitled “The Real Lesson of Iran — Beware America’s Republican Mullahs.” Reading it and the comments to it, I came to a realization: people who think the religious right are just like Iranian mullahs are just like Iranian mullahs.

The article is pretty creepy. Schaeffer makes reference to “neocons” by the second sentence, which already raises flags, as it seems it’s getting hard these days for anyone to use that word and not be a crank. And the whole premise is quite disturbing. The author has seen all the horrors of people being brutalized and murdered over just wanting their voices heard, and he comes to the conclusion that his completely unrelated political opponents — Republicans — are very bad.

It takes a certain kind of sociopath to witness great tragedy and then turn back to his narrow political talking points completely unaffected. It’s pretty much the same as seeing someone brutally murdered in the street and saying, “This is why we need to change subsidies on corn farming.”

Given the obvious mental imbalance of the author, it’s no wonder the whole article is basically fevered ranting about how Christians want to round up and imprison and execute anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and use the government to crush dissent — all the usual paranoid stuff you’d expect from someone who decides to demonize some group he doesn’t like. He, of course, hits today’s favorite target, Sarah Palin, who, despite her rather libertarian record, he’s convinced wants to unleash death squads that kill non-believers, since she was spotted going to church once.

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Total said...

Yes, that's why this person would be appropriately-referred to as a "Dhimmicrat".

Dhimmicrat (n):
A person, usually liberal, who is willing to overlook abuses to free speech, women's rights, gay rights, etc., in Arabic countries due to their blinding hatred of the conservative political movement in the United States.

Example: Someone who think George W. Bush is a greater threat to gay rights than mullahs in Iran who literally execute people for being gay is a dhimmicrat.

revereridesagain said...

It's the equivalent of covering their ears and yelling YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH whenever they hear something that upsets them. Call their bluff by pointing out the denial of women's/gay/religious/free speech/human in general rights in Muslim countries and they'll yell so what, that's never going to happen here -- unless, of course, the "neo-cons" do it. The latest rant is, "Publish the torture photos! Show that Bush was worse! Show that US troops are worse than Basiji! We have no right to criticize!" It would be interesting to see what the result would be should Obama do that. Impeachement, anyone?

Epaminondas said...

Before I go to sleep at night the last thing I worry about is Pat Robertson sending out goons to throw me off a pedestrian bridge to keep intact his genocidal plans

Pastorius said...

You know what? Even if what Bush did in certain circumstances was, indeed, worse, clearly, we live in a country where people can criticize the President, rant and rave in the streets, set up compounds dedicated to war against our nation, walk around in bikinis (whether man or woman), leave their religion, publish blogs critical of the government, twitter about how maniacal President Obama is, etc. etc.